Monday, 25 September 2017

Lego Club And Chatterbooks Club

I'm so excited to announce that Me and my friend Katie who volunteer at Gorleston Library are setting up 2 NEW groups for children and families in the local area, One is a Lego Club and the other is Chatterbooks - book club for children of all ages. The groups have had ALOT of planning and are going to be running in October fortnightly on a Friday :)

Lego Club:

We have lots of Lego at the library just sitting on the shelf so we decided to run a group as there is so much demand for it and who doesn't love Lego right? Were planning on some structured team building games, Lego colouring, Lego themed books, activities and also free building, This is not to be missed and we are very excited to run it as I'm a massive Lego fan myself too!
Lego club will run fortnightly from 20th October 3:45-4:45pmk

Chatterbooks - Book Club:
Chatterbooks gorleston
Poster pending

Chatterbooks is a book club for children and their families to come along to and share stories, we have a lot of book clubs for adults so we thought we would run this for the children.
At the group we will play games, have stories and do craft or colouring activities, the group will run alongside the Lego Club so EVERY Friday there's something on for the kids to enjoy after a long week at school :) We will have a different theme every session and will be asking the children what they thought of the books they had taken home from the previous session, After 10 sessions the children will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements :)
Chatterbooks will run fortnightly from 13th October 3:45-4:45pm

Christmas Party!!
At Christmas we will be having a Christmas party with lots of games and treats to celebrate the Lego club and Chatterbooks groups :) More information will be up after the groups have started :)

I hope you are as excited as I am for these NEW groups in the Gorleston area :) And I really hope your children will love these too!

Much Love

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Weekend Box ft. Snazaroo Review

weekend box snazaroo

Friday's post came I was so excited to see something other than bills, Lilli and I were chosen to review the first MINI THEME PACK from Weekend Box ft. Snazaroo, The box came in such pretty child friendly packaging and when Lilli got home from school she was mega excited to see some post with her name on it, She got straight into tearing it open and I excitedly watched like it was Christmas!

weekend box snazaroo
After she had got into the box, she had lots of fun looking at the characters on the box and we opened the flaps to reveal what was inside, we had two mini face paint kits, one was a clown kit, with step-by-step pictures of how to create the face and the other was a three colour Birthday Party pallet with three shaped stamps to go with it, we decided to put it away until the next morning for some Saturday fun!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

My new clothes haul ft. Want that trend and Ebay Buys

clothing haul

So I had some money to myself last week, the kids didn't need any clothes apart from Lils new rainbow wellies See Here, THEY'RE AWESOME! I decided to make use of this and treat myself  to a little clothing haul because I rarely do! Here's what I bought and what I thought :)

First up is the two dresses I bought from Want That Trend:

want that trend halloween
First I saw on Facebook and totally fell in love with this Halloween dress! Its purple and has pumpkins, bats, full moons and trees on it, it looks fantastic! Its available from a size 8-22 and is really lovely and comfy and totally perfect for the Halloween season, with long sleeves and thick material you cant go wrong with this, plus its long enough to wear tights or leggings underneath so win win plus it's only £19.95 :)

want that trend xmasSecondly is the Christmas dress I bought (early I know but I was on sale and I couldn't resist) I actually bought this for my sister but she didn't like it so I just kept it for myself, this dress is bright seasonal red with snowmen printed all over it, again its long sleeved and thick material so nice and snuggly for winter, this dress was on sale at £9.95 so bargain before they all go up in price again!

Overall I'm really impressed with these dresses and they all come in sizes 8 all the way to 22 so if your a big girl like me you don't have to miss out on the festive spirit :)

My second Haul was from EBay:

Good old Ebay, always has what your looking for and more, I always find it hard as a plus size mamma to find cheap clothes that fit but this time ebay had me covered, I found two high waisted skirts that are lovely and flowy material and are kind of  'swing' style (I'm quite into the 50/60s) so these looked absolutely perfect and at £3.99 a pop who can grumble right?!
Now I did try these on when they came and I'm still unsure but I think as soon as I have some leggings/tights on underneath and not just my pj's it will look fab! (I just need to get some confidence)

Lastly I got two pairs of fishnet tights, one red and one black and both were £2.99 a pop and will most defiantly bring out these outfits :)

queen of hearts

Queen of hearts & Snow White's Poison Apples

I really hope you enjoyed my little clothes haul, I'm so happy I got to treat myself and at a low cost too!
let me know in the comments what you would buy for a treat?


Monday, 4 September 2017

Alcatel Plus 10 Review

Being without a computer and blogging from my IPhone and old 7inch Samsung tablet was growing old and VERY tiring, so I decided I needed a new laptop/desktop/tablet with a keyboard, I looked about for a good while to see what the best deals where and what I really wanted and I found it, the one, The Alcatel Plus 10 2-in-1 Tablet with a keyboard, I Primarily just use it for surfing and blogging as well a having apps like Twitter, Netflix and Facebook and a few games for on the go too its perfect for my lifestyle.
alcatel plus 10 review

The tablet connects to the keyboard base in 2 ways, one is a holder so the keyboard is backwards so its great when you want to watch a movie without holding the tablet on its own, and the other way it connects is by magnets and sensors when you place it on the keyboard facing you it turns into a laptop, It runs on Windows10 so its very fast and has all the little extras I need like a planner and My Documents folders.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Emergency Plan Part 2, 10 top tips

Welcome back for Part 2 of the Emergency Plan, If your just joining don't forget to check out Part 1 HERE.

Does you family know what to do in an emergency? Does your chid know what to do if there is a fire or if you have collapsed? Can they call 999? Mine are leaning but still not 100% there but it will take time, so here are my top tips for creating your emergency plan, so grab a pen and paper and write it down!
emergency plan

1) Teach your children what types of accident or emergency need 999 attention, go through when you would need to call emergency services and what you would need to ask for/say.

2) show them how to call for help in a situation where there is no phone around, make up certain scenarios and see how they would handle it.
09 10