Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Bird House Calligraphy Review

birdhouse calligraphy
Ever want a card or a gift personalised?, Too expensive or not personal enough?
Well BirdHouse Calligraphy has you totally covered! From Hand drawn quotes to cards and even gift tags its all there!
Louise, the owner and artist of BirdHouse Calligraphy is so talented, she hand draws and designs every single piece she sells and commissions and they look amazing!

birdhouse calligraphy

With her handmade to order, personalised cards you can request whatever you like for a birthday card or even just a quote to hang on the wall of your home. Created using high quality 180gsm card that is perfect for framing, and a variety of inks and pens too you'll have the perfect piece to brighten up any room!

birdhouse calligraphy
Louise has a variety of designs available including pets, love, positive quotes and coffee (which is always relevant for a tired mummy like me) But if you cant think of one you want personalised off the top of your head just take a look at what she already has but beware they're all so good it will be hard to choose and you'll probably end up buying quite a few!!

birdhouse calligraphy

Christmas season is just around the corner and Louise had just started a range of gift tags and card to celebrate, as I mentioned above they are ALL handmade and individually drawn because Louise believes its more personal and unique to the customer which I think its very sweet and a lovely touch.
birdhouse calligraphy
Plus she has Harry Potter designs!!! I have ALOT of friends who absolutely adore Harry Potter so ill be getting some of these and the tags too! I cant wait now this has got me mega excited for Christmas :D

So the quotes are endless and they will all be a one of a kind gift, get your orders in quick before her books fill up AND... get an extra 10% off your order using code: THANKS10 

Don't forget to take a look at her shop BirdHouse Calligraphy on Etsy and follow her on Facebook and Instagram too for more beautiful designs!

Ill defiantly be getting some in time for Christmas!

Much Love 

*I was asked to review this website and give my true and honest opinion, all words are my own and all photos are credited to Louise at BirdHouse Calligraphy* Lucy At Home
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