Sunday, 1 October 2017

Blogtober #1 - All About Me

Welcome to Blogtober!! 31posts for 31days, I’ve never done this before so I apologise if I can’t keep up with it all but I’ll try my best!!
Instead of a standard post I’m just going to write my A-Z about me to make it a little more fun :)


A- Age 25 (26 in 13days)
B-Blog Name: Mumma And Her Monsters 
C- favourite Colour - Pink!
D- Doodles- I’m always doodling!
E- Elephants - fave animal 
F- F*#k - fave swear word!
G- Gorleston- where I live
H- Height (5’8”)
I- In love with Michael 😍
J- Job - Librarian
K- Kids x2 And 2 step children too!
L- Lego- my tiny brick obsession
M- Mummy Blogger
N- Name: Vicki Louise Hurrell
O- October- my birthday, Halloween, fall!
P- Plus size lady 
Q- Queen 👑 
R- Right handed 
S- Sibster to Jade and Emily
T- Tattoos x8
U- Understanding (or so Im told)
V- Villians (I love them)
W- Wright to be (when I get married)
X- Xmas ( another holiday I love )
Y- YouTube junkie
Z- Zodiac - Libra ⚖️

I really hope you enjoyed learning a little more bout me and look out for tomorrow’s post :)

Much love

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