Monday, 2 October 2017

Blogtober #2 - Babies

Welcome back to day 2 of Blogtober!! Thanks for coming back :)
Day 2 if you haven't guessed already is all about babies, now that's very brief and I could literally talk for hours about babies but I'm going to keep it simple.


Babies- and why I want another, just not yet!

So if you don't know me yet, I have 4 children( 2 of my own and 2 step children) so our house is pretty hectic at times, but I only have 1 child with mike and that's Olli, that being said I/we want another child together, I love both my babies the same but I just love the fact that we make super cute babies together! Not saying that Lils isn't super cute cause she's stunning and I will never love her any less because she has a different dad!! 
But we just want another, and I know that its all the waking in the night, being exhausted, worrying that the post natal depression will kick my ass again, baby puke and all that bullshit but its a baby!!! a cute little life that will make our puzzle complete and I'm desperate for another :)

Just not yet! No way could my mental health handle another just yet I think id go crazy lol
I'm just getting used to having 2 routines as well as having a new career with 2 groups to run!
Were enjoying the 'us' time in the evenings ,were at the point that we work well, we know our routines and my heart wants it to change but my head doesn't, not yet, were enjoying watching Olli grow up and doing all these new things like talking and simple actions (he's gotten lazy because his siblings do it all for him), So I'm going to listen to my brain and let my heart just love the ones I have for now.

So when the time comes it will be the perfect moment, we'll be stable and happy and 99% ready. I HOPE!

Much Love

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