Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Blogtober #4 - Date - How i plan in my bullet journal

Welcome back to Blogtober17! Sorry as you can probably tell I missed yesterday but I had so much on I had NO time at all to blog!
Todays Blogtober is all about Date; So I'm going to show how I plan dates in my bullet journal, I like to think I'm well organised but I'm really not!!

Blogging: my pages are separated by month, I do a big page spread of what month it is with a mini calendar at the bottom and some doodles to go along with that month, like leaves and pumpkins for October, or xmas lights and presents for December :)
I'm not the best of artist but I looks cool so why not, Next up is my blogging planner full of post ideas, schedules, and social media prompts I need to add, this consists of around 3/4 pages one of witch is just extra notes I need; Next up is my to do page, like if I need to change my social pictures or update my mailing list ect its all there to prompt me and it works so well!


Work: If you didn't know I run a few groups so I'm always busy planning and sorting dates and times, running through a million lists of who to talk to and what to print ect, so I have loads of dates because I run on a schedule for certain things.

Personal: My personal planner doesn't really get used that much, only to log my hours what I do at work, there's a few random dates that are important and birthdays I need to keep up with but most of it is doodles and shopping lists for the home! I have pages for Savings, holiday countdowns and daily chores I need to keep up with too!

Overall if your rubbish with dates and standard planners a bullet journal is the way to go! You can use any lined or dotted book just make sure its super sturdy because trust me its addictive and you will use it ALOT! I use sharpies and coloured fine line pens to decorate my pages so it looks snazzy and there are no rules either! you can have it however you want it.

I hope you enjoied day 4 of Blogtober17 keep checking back for more!!

Much love
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