Thursday, 5 October 2017

Blogtober17- #5 - Education

Hey and welcome back to day 5 of Blogtober17! Thanks for sticking around :)
Today is all about education, so I'm gonna go through how Lilli is getting on with school and how Olli is progressing with his learning too!

So we'll start with Lilli, She's now at big school!!! Its so exciting she had been progressing so much and so fast too! Writing me letters and drawing pictures to bring home from school its so sweet, she's loving the time at school and is always so eager to go back the next day! Lilli can now count up to 50 by herself and can write her name, my name and kind of her brothers name but gets the spelling a little jumbled bless her. She hasn't told me too much about her new friends but I'm sure she has made loads as well as loving playing with some of her old friends from nursery too :)

Lilli is loving using education books at home like maths books and letter books we have picked up from the pound shop, she also loves playing with Lego and has fun making all kinds of structures, sorting bricks and building homes for characters.

Olli is loving life! he's starting to talk more and use proper words rather than just baby babble, he can walk quite far independently and as started to run too, Olli loves to play with bricks and shape sorters and can put shapes in the right places and stack up bricks too, he as started trying to sing along to songs now too which is super adorable :)

Even I'm learning, I'm learning how to run groups at the library and how to do certain checks and all the behind the scenes stuff you don't see when your a parent at kids groups! I'm learning to be a teacher to my child when she's at home from school to see what she can achieve and how I can push her further And I'm learning to be me again after being mummy for so long!

I hope you enjied todays post as much as I did writing it :)
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Much Love

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