Friday, 6 October 2017

Blogtober17- #6 - Flowers

Welcome back to Blogtober17 Day 6 :)  Todays theme is all about flowers but I'm not really much of a flower person, aside from my daughter Lilli name resembling a flower she wasn't actually named after it she was named after Walt Disney's wife Lillian Disney :)
Anyway, I'm not a lover of flowers but we do however love Autumn Treasures! 

Autumn Treasures are what we like to call things like Conkers, pinecones, acorns and pretty leaves.
We love to collect these during the autumn months, conkers keep away the spiders if you put them in your windowsills which is brilliant if you like me and hate the little buggers! :) We Love to collect pinecones and cover them in paint and glitter and also leaves to make crayon rubbings and pretty pictures of them too!

Lillis favourite are conkers because they come from trees and come in little sells until they are ready and then fall! she loves to learn about the cycle of the tree too :)
We love the autumn months, crunching through leaves, jumping in puddles and snuggling in fluffy coats and scarves :) And Soon it will be Christmas and we can put up the best tree of all <3

Let me know in the comments your favourite Autumn Treasure?


I'm sorry this post was very incredibly short but I really struggled with the topic today!
Much Love

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