Sunday, 15 October 2017

My favourites this week!

I've been so busy this week with having my birthday yesterday and running my groups ect its been a bit hectic! But none the less I've had some fave moments that I just had to share with you :)

1) My Birthday!
Yesterday was my birthday, Me, Lilli and my friend Katie and her son Riley went to Hopton holiday village to go swimming, we got there and had a play on the park then sat down and had some food and a drink too! We had a little visit to the arcade and got a few tickets to get some sweets.
Lilli had so much fun with her friend and then it was time to go into the pool!! we absolutely loved it and loved the big slide too! the kids had loads of fun and we relaxed too! We got home and I stuffed my face with birthday cupcakes tat Katie had made for me and had a glass of wine and a bubble bath too!!

2) My charm necklace!
Mike bought me a charm necklace for my birthday :) I chose a black rope necklace and some Disney themed charms too! its not real Pandora or Chamilla but I don't care for that stuff its just too expensive for me lol! But anyway I totally love it and cant wait to get some more for Christmas maybe :)

3)Getting deliveries
We got loads of deliveries this week, we ordered loads of xmas presents so got loads of stuff, the only issue was finding places to put it all!! Plus I could finally start making Lillis Barbie house so watch out just before xmas for a DIY post for that too!!

Friday afternoon was our first Chatterbooks group! We read a story and done some activities and crafts and talked all about our fave books too!! overall it was a success and we loved it!

5) We cleaned our house!!
Now to many people this isn't much of an achievement but for me and mike who both suffer with mental health its a bloody good thing to celebrate! today we spent from 8am til 2pm cleaning 98% of our house (the other 2% will happen after dinner and kids are in bed) .

So I'm proud this week has been very busy and very good! and I hope you all had a good week too!
Let me know in the comments below what your fave moment was!!

Much Love
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