Monday, 13 November 2017

Captains orders

So recently at our Chatterbooks club our theme for the week was Pirates, We had lots of colouring and crafts and a story too but the favourite of all was the game, Captains Orders.

Captains Orders is a game for a group of 5+ Players ... its a little like Simon says, one person/group leader gets to be the Captain, the captain then shouts out orders to the crew (the rest of the players) like ' captain says, scrub the deck' , 'captain says, row the boat' ect.. the players have to act out the order but only if the captain says 'captains orders' at the start.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How I Kicked My Depressions Butt!

So if you don't know I suffer with depression, I have for a very long time and after I had my second child I gradually got worse, my children were my safety and I woudn't be without them for fear of the worst!

Summer came and I saw a poster at my local library for volunteers for the summer reading challenge, I was just in the right age category and managed to push myself to apply, the library has always been one of my favourite places to take my children as its so calm but also so fun to explore so I knew that I would be kind of relaxed there and not so uptight or anxious, my application took a week or so then I was ready! I was nervous and anxious about leaving my children and meeting new people but I knew I had to push myself because one day id be going back to work.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

LogoJoy Review

So Its Time for a change, a new logo to be specific and what better place to go than LogoJoy.
The site is so easy to use and the designs are absolutely amazing and all customisable too! Honestly this site took me by surprise on how easy it is to use, not like all those other complicated sites, its simple and easy, just what I like!