So I'd been having cramps all Thursday after my sweep and Friday and woke up Saturday and nothing at all, so I generally was gutted I li...

Birth Story! .... Highway To Hell!

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So I'd been having cramps all Thursday after my sweep and Friday and woke up Saturday and nothing at all, so I generally was gutted I literally only had Saturday and Sunday to get him moving or I was being induced Monday!

But as it was a Saturday we had the kids coming over so doing the deed was out of the question, so I'd just took my usuall position on the sofa and sulked and all of a sudden the contractions started!
Coming every 3-5 mins for 45 seconds to a min, this was it! I called delivery which said try a bath (as I wanted a water birth anyway it was best I was in water) so I ran a bath and got in all hot a lots of bubbles....and contractions stopped!! I mean nothing, not a single twinge! So I got out and dried off, layed down on the bed after the maximum effort it was to get out and dry, and I just chilled for a second!
I got up and all of a sudden got very wet, so I dried again and the same happened when I got up!
My waters had finally broken! It was gushing every time I moved!

I told mike, who then started to panic as he does in times like that, I reassured him it was fine and to just get megan and Laten home while I called mum to come get Lilli, I then called the hospital who told me to come in so after rushing round to get lillis bag packed, the kids home and pack my bag too! We got to the hospital at about 2:30pm (this all took us about an hour or so!)

Contractions then started to come back again every 5 mins and they done an examination I was only 4cms dilated! They soon moved me into a room on the unit (at about 3pm), where I then got given gas and air! We turned on Kerrang! Radio and started jamming, some good tunes were playing and music calms me!
Half an hour later I got alot of pressure in my bum and asked to be examined again I was only 5-6 cms which didn't make me feel any better but the gas and air was helping I felt quite high!
They started getting bad so I asked for the pethidine injection (3:50pm) and within 10 mins of having it I was ready to push!!!!
Don't Speak by No Doubt came on and I asked mike to turn it up, so music was lovely and loud! I started pushing and half an hour later (4:32pm) Olli David Hunter Wright was born to ACDC's Highway to Hell! Fitting ;)

We then had instant skin to skin and a first feed :)
I had the injection for the placenta and he had the vitamin k jab!! We had lots of cuddles and kisses and pictures and stayed in hospital til 3:30am and finally got home at 4am had lots of feeds and cuddles and fell asleep on the couch while Olli slept in his moses basket!

What a day! We were/are exhausted!

We're so happy to welcome Olli into the world and to join our family!

Keep an eye out for Post Partum updates!


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  1. Hehe love this post! So glad your labour was smooth :)