So I've been to Disney alot and most of the time I haven't had kids at all! But going with kids is so worth every penny! And ...

Traveling to Disney with a baby....

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So I've been to Disney alot and most of the time I haven't had kids at all!
But going with kids is so worth every penny!
And Kids under 7 stay a play free* (*at selected times)
Traveling with small kids can be a nightmare on its own and it may be really daunting to parents or carers but fear not I have the easy guide to doing it worry free!!

* safety bands....
Little bands that go on their wrist that have your family's name and you phone number on it so if they ever do get lost god forbid, then you can be contacted easy... also teaching your child your name in case of emergency is a good thing there's a million mums or dad's about so calling your name is a better option!

*buggys, pushchairs, carriers....
Taking your own pushchair is a pain in the ass but kids get tired easy (even the bigger ones), Lilli is 4 and walks everywhere but disney is a big place and a buggy is still needed to rest those little legs.
Plus the buggy space is a life saver if u have a lot of stuff!
I took a sling for olli so if needed we could have another child from our party in there too (i took a double).
If you do take your "expensive" buggy then take a padlock to lock up as you go on rides for your own peace of mind (you never know when it may happen)
And last but no least carriers! As I said I took my sling for olli and it was a god send as he hated spending too much time in the buggy, even Wraps or toddler carriers are a good choice if you don't want to take a buggy!

*bottles, boobs and bums...
bottle feeding is a pain but obviously some of us have to do it haha
My big tip is to take a flask full of hot water to fill up bottles as you go!
But also there is a baby area at the disneyland park where you can warm up bottles change bums and there is high chairs if you need to feed (bare in mind they're huge and little baby's about 6months can't sit in them very well)
Bums and toileting .... well needless to say we had troubles with toilets....Lilli is fully toilet trained and will go when she needs to but we don't have automatic flushing toilets in the uk and both her and her cousin were scared shitless of the automatic flush! So our tip is to get stickers that cover up the sensor!! Then as soon as u take it off it will flush! (We had a lot of accidents because of the flush and they refused the toilet too) non auto flush toilets are hard to find cause of hygiene reasons so take a sticker just in case!

Disney is a very tiring place so even if your child doesn't nap in the day anymore...They most probably will!!
And as for the night time thing they will be so nackered they will sleep good (fingers crossed)
Most bookings that have toddlers or babies on them will come with a cot in the room, if you don't want it just fold it up and put it away in the cupboard.... We had twin beds so we pushed them together and had one very large bed haha!

*gifts from minnie/mickey....
I stole this idea from my sister jade and Mummieswaiting !
We buy a gift from the disney shop/park at night time a d leave it at the end of their bed so in the morning when they wake up they get their present :) now obviously you don't have to do this every night but we usually do this on the first night and the kids love it :)

*waiting In line...
So usually kids don't like to wait in line but sometimes u just have to!
So we bought little cars or "party bag fillers" and wrapped them up so if they get bored in line they can have a little gift that will hopefully help pass the time :)
Also if you have a older child and a baby and the baby cannot ride that particular ride you can do what is called a baby switch (you queue up and get a pass one adult rides with he child while the other is off holding the baby then you switch so you both get a go)

*Travel to the parks...
If your staying in the disney hotels they all have shuttle busses that take you to the parks but honestly I like the walk so much better!!
Especially if you have a buggy the walk is lovely and the busses are always packed and sometimes is so hard to get a buggy on!
So enjoy the walk look at the lovely scenery the hotels and of course the lake :) and at night time walking through the disney village is lively and fun!

*Take plenty of nappies and spare clothes (even adult clothes)
There's been a few times where I've needed a spare outfit or a second pair of shoes so packing a spare is always a good idea!
We once went in November and out of the blue it snowed and I had only 1 pair of trainers and my feet froze and it was awful :(
But also if your traveling with kids always take a spare outfit you never know when an accident will happen and sometimes toilets aren't near enough or you just don't make it in time!

So I hope you find these tips slightly helpful!
Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

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