Hey Guys and Gals! So I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite top 10 parenting hacks for babies and pre school children :) ...

Top 10 best parenting hacks!

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Hey Guys and Gals!
So I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite top 10 parenting hacks for babies and pre school children :) so enjoy and here it goes!
1) Baby vests...poop catastrophe...
I wish I knew this with my first as this has saved my life quite a few times over the years!
Baby vests have little flaps on the shoulders, you may have wondered what they're for, no they're not a fashion statement they're actually designed for the poo explosions babies have! Pull the flaps down over their shoulders to remove the vest after a messy poo! Saves their hair and face and less mess = less waste of Wipes!
2) Shoes and stickers!
Alot of children fins it really hard sometimes to put shoes on the right feet, Lilli has often came home from nursery with shoes on the wrong feet! So the easy solution is stickers! Get a large sticker (a bit bigger than a 50p) and cut it in half, stick one side on the left shoe and one on the right so the meet in the middle and form the picture! Easy and simple and if your anything like me we have stickers lying about everywhere so it doesn't cost me anything!

3) Sticker Charts
(Here she goes about stickers again!)
So I know these won't work for everyone but they certainty do for my family! We have colourful character sticker charts that are laminated so we can reuse them, they go from 1-20 and every 20 stickers they get a treat (it can be anything from a simple high five, to a pound shop toy or a pez dispenser) we have simple tasks like not stealing food without asking, brushing their teeth, tidying their rooms and eating vegetables! And it works!! They get so excited about doing things to get stickers :) Never underestimate the power of a sticker! And use the rule that if they get a sticker, not matter how much they play up or misbehave you do not take it away, they earnt it!
4) Automatic flushes on toilets!
They're everywhere lately, it's hygienic and time saving but some kids HATE it! So the hack is to get a sticker or a sticky note and either hold it over the sensor or stick it over, wait for the first flush then let your child sit down, it makes it so much easier for them, we've had our fair share of fear of going to the toilets especially in Disneyland where they're nearly all automatic! This is where we learnt this hack!
5) Toilet training at night time! 
So simple and cheap to do, forget about bed time mats wich cost about £6 for 5 mats, go get puppy pads! You get about 10 in a pack for £1 in pound land and they're perfect size for fitting under the bottom sheet so if they have an accident it saves your materess!
6) colds and coughs and vaporub
Get some child's vaporub like snuffle babe or baby vicks and rub it on their feet at night time and keep socks over the top, it calms their cough or cold down to help them (and you) sleep better!
Alternatively you could use Olbis oil and use 1 drop on their pillow!
Bye bye cold! Hello sleep!
7) Monster spray!
Now this I haven't actually done as none of the kids are bothered at the minute but it's always on the list as soon as I need it!
Fill an empty spray bottle with water (coloured, scented or not at all, lavender oil works well for bedtime) and make a label that says 'Monster Spray' , spray once or twice around the room (including under the bed) at night time and hopefully it will keep the kiddies imagination at bay for a good night's sleep!
8) Juice cubes! For those hot days!
We pour pure juice cordial into ice cube trays and wait for them to freeze so in the summer the kids can grab a cup of water and and juice cube from the freezer and have nice cold squash!
9) Yollies!
(For anyone who doesn't know these are Yoghurt lollies)
Grab some wooden ice lolly sticks or a strong plastic straw and peirce the yogurt with it place in the freezer standing up right and the next day you'll have Yollies! So refreshing and good for the kids!
10) Magnetic cups and juice/water ...
Kids are always thirsty but never all at the same time!
So, stick some magnets on their favourite cups so the stick tot he fridge and place a jug or water filter jug in the fridge so they can fill up their own cups, plus it saves on washing up too!
I hope you enjoyed reading and will try some of these out too!
Tell me your favorite parenting hack in the comments below :)

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