So my Lils is leaving nursery, its so emotional, shes leaving her favourite teachers and friends and is going off to "BIG" sc...

Getting Ready For "BIG" School!

By July 24, 2017

So my Lils is leaving nursery, its so emotional, shes leaving her favourite teachers and friends and is going off to "BIG" school in september.

So we just had graduation, it was spectacular!! Lilli loved singing and dancing with her friends and teachers.

she got her certificate and told everyone she wanted to be a princess when she is older! She will always be my princess :)
So now she only has one day left at nursery, then its summer holidays, a whole 6 weeks of me going crazy!!!
Not saying i wont enjoy it because im sure i will, its just very long and with 4 kids it can get VERY stresssful!

Now I have to work out what she needs for school, what uniform, what shoes, what name tapes to buy and how much it's all gonna cost?!
I've had a brief look at Asda George online and found some brilliant deals for shirts and shoes, I just ordered some pinafores and trousers from Marisota as I love their clothing quality and they were reasonably cheap too  £12 for two pinafores and the same deal for trousers too! 
I'm thinking about waiting til the end of the holidays to get some shoes for her as I'm positive her feet will grow over the holidays.
Her school has jumpers and ties pre made so I can only buy them from one place but reception starters get a free jumper and tie so it's saved me at least £16! Wich is brilliant when your on a budget like me.

Name labels are the next thing I'm looking for, I've been told about the numerous amount of stamps or labels or pens to mark clothing with and to be honest I think I'll end up going for the iron on labels, you can buy a pack of 50 customised labels from eBay for around £3.50 so all around happy cheap and cheerful.

Here's my list of what I have to buy, Lils dad will also be buying too so don't worry if my list looks a little short as she lives at his house 2 days a week too!

So I hope you found this post helpful, let me know if you see any good deals, if I've forgotten anything or you just wanna say hi!
Send me a tweet or comments on Facebook :)

Wish me luck!!

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