Play dates are fun, for us parents and for the kids too! We get to chill with a cuppa (or wine if you wish) and the kids get to play and fi...

15 Top tips for a successful play date

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Play dates are fun, for us parents and for the kids too! We get to chill with a cuppa (or wine if you wish) and the kids get to play and fight and cry etc... so I've put together my top tips of planning a successful play date!

15 Top tips for a successful play date

1) Plan a date that suits everyone, I hate missing out on play dates, I know sometimes you just can't make it but consider everyone else too!

2) Don't overload your guest list, too many people can feel overwhelming and a struggle if your the host.

3) Bring a snack and drink, kids will always be hungry or thirsty, save the host a job and bring your own, if you are the host remember some people may forget to bring stuff so be prepared.

4) Don't bring messy food!! Bringing messy food is a bad idea, you don't want to be apologising for chocolate handprints on their new cream sofa!

5) Choose the right time for your play date, Even though nap times are quiet and lovely it's a play date so choose a time that isn't right in the middle of nap time!

6) Don't share sickness, it's pretty obvious but nobody wants it, even if it's just a little Cold don't risk it nobody likes to be ill.

7) Plan an activity for the older ones, crafts even bubbles go down a treat but just something they can pick up and drop when they like is always cool!

8) Garden play Is always a bonus, gardens are always fun, wether it's bug hunting, paying in the pool or riding on a scooter use the garden when you can, it's less mess in the house and more sunshine for you!

9) Ask about allergies, some children or even parents have allergies and they can get pretty bad when near certain food, check if any guests have any so you can work around them for safety.

10) Avoid Party's of 3, most of the time with 3 kids someone always gets left out, try even numbers so nobody gets left out or upset.

11) Have some duplicate/similar toys, kids fight over toys so try put out toys that are similar or a set they can all join in with.

12) Hide the toys they love, there is nothing worse than having a crying child because someone else wants their favourite woody doll or flopsy bunny, move them out of sight so they stay safe.

13) Set some rules, for your child/ren and guest, hopefully it will all flow smoothly.

14) Try eat before hand, saves the mess and apologies and the kids getting upset that she has a better Yoghurt than me!

15) Have fun! Chill, relax and have a lovely day!
If your anything like me and my friends we rarely do Play dates cause we're all so busy or just forget alot, so when it does happen just make sure to have fun, have a chat and let the kids play :)

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