Everyone told me when I had kids that bedtime routines were important but I never listened, I always wanted that extra time with them even ...

Our Bedtime Routine

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Everyone told me when I had kids that bedtime routines were important but I never listened, I always wanted that extra time with them even if they were crawling over everything or trashing the house!
Bedtime routine
But after 2 years of not having one, just letting lilli pass out whenever she wanted it was totalky fine but we decided to try it and oh my days it was the best thing ever! Having mummy time or just time to clean the house without a shadow, so this is how ours goes :)

For Lilli who is 4 and Olli who is 15 Months:
•7pm is bath time, lots of bubbles, lots of toys and lots of splashing, then we brush our teeth :)
•7:30pm we get lilli and Olli dressed in Pj's and make a bottle for olli and a drink for lilli :) we then settle down in bed/cot and read a book, or 2!

•8pm We say goodnight to Lilli and mike waits for Olli to go to sleep.
• 8:15pm Finally it's chill time, time for a cuppa and some catch up telly or blogging then me and mike go up at 10pm to get in bed ready for Olli's first night wake up, usually we just have to pass him his bottle back and he is straight back to sleep :)

Now I know our routine may not work for everyone so I spoke to some other parents to see how theirs goes, it's interesting to see how different some people's are :)

Nicola From A Blogs life says:

2.5 years old
•Tea for 5.30 - 6pm
•Last bit of play or tv show
•Bath time for 7/7.15
•Ready for bed and a story 7.45
•Bed for 8pm

Maria from Happy Mummy says:

Lily Aged 3 Routine Is
•5pm - Dinner
•5:45 - Play/Read/Colour
•6:30 - Pyjamas on, teeth done, use toilet.
•6:45 Book & Bed
Lily prefers a shower in the mornings to a bath at night as she gets too tired in the evening :)

Vikki from Family Travel With Ellie says:

For my 10 year old -
•Dinner at 6 pm
•Shower at 7.15 pm
•Tv / computer time
•8.15 pm bed to read until 9pm
My 6 year old -
•Dinner at 6 pm
•Bath at 6.30pm
•Bed to read to me and then have story
•Lights out at 7.30 pm

Mandi from Hex Mum Blog says:

With seven children, ages 3 to 19, bedtime starts around 8pm and probably all asleep by midnight....(if I'm lucky!)

Vicky from Tactical Mummy

At 19 months
5.30pm - Watch In The Night Garden
6pm - tell Daddy he needs his bath
6.10pm - remind Daddy it is bath time
6.20pm - inform Daddy he is about to turn into a mini Hulk if he doesn't have his bath
6.30pm Sigh loudly and go upstairs and run the bath
6.40pm - Put him in bath
6.50pm - Daddy comes upstairs and chases him around the landing while he screeches
7pm - try to calm down an extremely hyper one year old
7.10pm - Finally persuade him to listen to a story
7.15pm - have some milk and settle into cot.
7.20pm - Roll your eyes when Daddy says how exhausting it is doing the bedtime routine and what a hero he is for doing it every night.

I know some parents who don't have a routine at all and just eat when they're hungry and sleep when they're tired, this also works really well for them :)
This is just a handful of the parents I have spoken to about this,  now everyone has different routines and some not at all so it's best to do what works for you and your family :) Just remember wether your a new parent or a experienced one only you can choose what happens in your family :)

I hope you've found this helpful, let me know what your routine is like?

Much love

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