Friday's post came I was so excited to see something other than bills, Lilli and I were chosen to review the first MINI THEME PA...

Weekend Box ft. Snazaroo Review

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weekend box snazaroo

Friday's post came I was so excited to see something other than bills, Lilli and I were chosen to review the first MINI THEME PACK from Weekend Box ft. Snazaroo, The box came in such pretty child friendly packaging and when Lilli got home from school she was mega excited to see some post with her name on it, She got straight into tearing it open and I excitedly watched like it was Christmas!

weekend box snazaroo
After she had got into the box, she had lots of fun looking at the characters on the box and we opened the flaps to reveal what was inside, we had two mini face paint kits, one was a clown kit, with step-by-step pictures of how to create the face and the other was a three colour Birthday Party pallet with three shaped stamps to go with it, we decided to put it away until the next morning for some Saturday fun!!

So Saturday morning came and straight away I got asked if we could start face painting, Lilli chose that she didn't want to be a clown so she chose a butterfly and I could be the clown instead, we grabbed a small cup of water and opened up our sets, the paints had a sealed layer on the top which needed adult helping hands but we finally got them open after much determination from Lilli that she could do it herself. (stubborn just like mummy)

Lilli decided to go first and chose what colours she wanted her butterfly, so I tried my very best non-artistic skills to paint her a beautiful butterfly without her moving to watch the telly or saying that it tickled and if I do say so myself it turned out pretty darn well!
The face paints glided on the skin really well and the colours are so vivid (unless you end up getting green in the yellow like I did, but then u just get a baby wipe and wipe it off!) We ended up using the "party" paints for the butterfly because Lilli liked the yellow :)

weekend box snazaroo

Next up was my turn!! Lilli decided to use the stamps in a lovely green/yellow shade and used the sponge and the paint brush from the other small set to really add some flare! I got poked in the mouth and the eye quite a lot but overall it was totally worth it and it turned out that i looked like Shrek!!

Lilli said that she loved doing this activity and even after doing mine and Lils face there is still loads left and will probably last us a very long while so would be perfect for a small kids party or family event with lots of children :)

weekend box snazaroo
The face paints were very easy to get off we used baby wipes and then washed after with some soap and water, even after Lilli had hers on all day and refused to take it off until dinner time and it came off effortlessly.

Overall we had a tonne of fun and will probably give it another go with Megan and Laten next weekend as they're a bit older too, I may even try a little on Olli's arm or hand so he doesn't feel left out* , It was a lovely relaxed (but messy) activity and next time I will be well prepared with baby wipes at the ready.

You can buy the mini Weekend Box or the bumper box  HERE with two (mini) or four (bumper) activity's including Bake, Make, Explore and More, with fortnightly delivery's, character stickers and access to the online clubhouse From £2.98 for your first box you cant go wrong for some weekend fun! The Mini Theme Pack is just £2.99 With five really cool themes – Summer, Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter – kids are covered all year round for a tonne of fun!

*Please note that Snazaroo face paints are safe for all ages but it is recommended for 3 years and older, or just a small motif on the cheek or arm for younger children*

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weekend box snazaroo

*Disclosure: We received The Weekend Box ft. Snazaroo in exchange for an honest review. Words & opinions are all my own*

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