Welcome back to Blogtober17! Todays post is all about holidays, and funnily enough we just got back from one about 4 hours ago!! So here goe...

Blogtober17- #8 - Holidays

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Welcome back to Blogtober17! Todays post is all about holidays, and funnily enough we just got back from one about 4 hours ago!! So here goes!!


Hopton Holiday Village Review:

We love Hopton, we've been here loads for little breaks over the years and it just up the road from us too ( I mean literally the village next to our home town), So this break away with the kids was no exception Hopton was perfect, 5 mins travel time so no whingey kids, bus stops right outside and we had a 3 bed caravan for the 6 of us and it was super cosy too!

Our van was decorated nautical themed :) which we totally loved, we had everything we needed, cooker, kettle, bedding ect it was lovely we only had to bring food (not that we ate much of it!).
It was located right in the middle of the park so we did get a little lost at times but soon got the hang of it! 

We travelled on Friday afternoon after school, got a bus and got to our caravan, my sister had kindly checked us in already as she was in the caravan a few doors down from us, we grabbed jade and she took us to our van, the kids ran to choose their bedrooms and we set up food and other bits like clothes, we had a little issue getting a cot for Olli but it arrived after a phone call to reception.

After a lovely dinner cooked by yours truly we went into the entertainment complex, we grabbed a (much needed) drink of alcohol and sat down to watch the kids show! The kids danced and Megan even got to go up on stage for a game, she won too!! But by 9pm we were all exhausted so we went back to the van and slept a beautiful 8 hours until the kids woke us up at 6am (*sad face*).

So after my much needed rest 6ami wasn't the most glam of mummies but I made breakfast, and a VERY large coffee! After that we got ready, grabbed our swim stuff and went into the arcade until the pool opened, I won a joker teddy on a grab machine, Laten won a load of superhero ducks and we wasted a good £20 lol, finally got to the pool and that's where our holiday went totally tits up :(
We got into the pool after a good 15mins of getting the kids changed, and Megan goes right into the deep bit and nearly drowns but thankfully my sister saved her, then after about 10 mins Laten ran along the pool and slipped backwards and hit his head, he had an icepack and was fine but felt really silly! then was all fine for about 20 mins until we wanted to leave but Megan didn't and she threw a paddy, we finally got her into the changing rooms and she kicked me and Lilli resulting in me trying to grab her and I fell! I had Olli in my arms  (he is fine btw) and I slipped backwards on the wet floor and smacked my head, luckily I didn't crack it but I was in serious pain and could move for a good 3/4 mins because of shock, I finally got up and had 2 icepacks and a very good rest, We went out to play mini golf and have a drink in the entertainment complex and went back to the van for some food.

When finally after dinner I went into hospital and didn't feel right at all! The hospital said I had swelling on my head and that I had to rest so after a 2 hour trip to A&E we got back to our van and the kids were asleep with mike, so I watched some telly and it was time for bed, I felt better not 100% but thought I would be better after sleep, clearly I was wrong!! I woke up this morning in complete and utter agony!! My whole body aches, Painkillers don't help and I feel really weak, so this morning we made the decision to go home, we packed up our stuff and visited the gift shop, bought some stuff then went into the other amusements before getting the bus home!

Overall our holiday was ok and it would of been 100 times better if I didn't have an accident! 
I would totally recommend coming here (JUST DONT RUN IN THE POOL!!!) Its brilliant for the kids with loads of little parks and activities to do too!! I wish we would of stayed longer! Mayvbe next year!

Anyway I hope you liked todays Blogtober17 post and ill see you tomorrow :)
Much love
A very sore Mumma

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