So if you don't know I suffer with depression, I have for a very long time and after I had my second child I gradually got worse, my chi...

How I Kicked My Depressions Butt!

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So if you don't know I suffer with depression, I have for a very long time and after I had my second child I gradually got worse, my children were my safety and I woudn't be without them for fear of the worst!

Summer came and I saw a poster at my local library for volunteers for the summer reading challenge, I was just in the right age category and managed to push myself to apply, the library has always been one of my favourite places to take my children as its so calm but also so fun to explore so I knew that I would be kind of relaxed there and not so uptight or anxious, my application took a week or so then I was ready! I was nervous and anxious about leaving my children and meeting new people but I knew I had to push myself because one day id be going back to work.

I settled in really well, I made some new friends, a new best friend and most of all I kicked depression in the butt!! I felt happy to get up every morning, I felt like I had a purpose and I liked it :)
The staff were really friendly and happy to help if I needed anything, and at the end of the summer it finished, I started to get anxious again, worrying I would slip back into the not wanting to get up or not wanting to have a shower or even eat, worrying I may not have that feeling of purpose I got from helping those children accomplish something they wanted to do, so me and another volunteer asked if we could stay on, even if it was putting books away I would have done it, I felt like I was safe there and happy in my bubble.

So we got to stay on, I looked through some different files full of challenges and clubs to run and found a brilliant one called Chatterbooks to help children read but also have fun while doing it, 
we run it once a fortnight and have a brilliant turnout, we run a story, crafts and a challenge every session, We also found out there was a lot of Lego available that had been purchased and donated that was just sitting there collecting dust, so we came up with the idea of Lego Club, Lego club is mega successful and is always booming with children who love to build and colour and make brilliant models, we display them until the next session too so everyone can see :)

Even though I was so anxious to start with, running these clubs and having that Lanyard around my neck to say that I am Library staff means the world to me because my depression is the best its been in a very long while, I kicked its butt and I found what I want to do as a career too!
I am so thankful to all the staff at Gorleston Library for everything they have done for me and I hope one day I can work for them and return the favour for someone else!

Let me know in the comments if you've kicked depressions butt?!
Id love to know :)

Much Love

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