Welcome to Blogmas Week 2 , As you all know I'm doing weeks and not days because I'm terrible at posting every day! Christmas Tradi...

Blogmas week 2: Christmas Traditions.

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Welcome to Blogmas Week 2 , As you all know I'm doing weeks and not days because I'm terrible at posting every day!
Christmas Traditions, What weird things, things we do every year and still enjoy, decorating the tree, boozing up the cake every stir-up-Sunday, having that first Christmas themed drink from Starbucks or Costa with the 'cool cups' We love them!! Here's some from me and some other bloggers as well!!

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  • Christmas Eve Book:
We have a book, a book all about Christmas crafts, stories and it also has a space for memories too like baby's first present, xmas list ect... My sister got it as a baby and has now managed to track down 2 copies for her daughters too! I got a copy for Lilli on her first Christmas and every year we read the same story our mum used to read to us as kids....its about 2 little mice names Judeth and Jed and they go look for some food, see the 3 wise men and the baby being born on Christmas day :D its a beautiful little story and something we do every year! (we even read it as teenagers) - Mumma :D

  • Christmas Eve Gift:
So this Is just for the adults as ya know Santa wouldn't have delivered the presents on Xmas eve yet ect...but we give just one present to each other something small like PJ's or a new game to play in the evening, its so lovely and gets me so excited! - Mumma :D

  • Board Games Night:
We have board games every Christmas night with my mum, step dad and siblings. It gets a bit hairy (booze filled) and very competitive but we love it every year! Charlie- Our Altered Life

  • Present Swap:
I meet with all my siblings to swap over gifts, It started as a tradition on Christmas Eve and we met at our nans. Since her passing we vary the day each year, but we still meet! Jaymee- The Mum Diaries
  • Christmas Eve Box:
Our elf disappears back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve and leaves Christmas boxes filled with festive PJ’s, chocolates and Christmas DVDs.... we then curl up and stuff our faces watching the movies until bedtime Vikki - Family Travel With Ellie

  • Presents On The 24th:
Well our tradition might seem odd as I'm not really from these realms. I am Romanian, so, in my country we open presents on the 24th, rather than on the 25th. So, in our mixed Romanian-British family we decided to open some presents on the 24th and some on the 25th in the morning! Linda- Rainy Days Fun

  • Festive Pj's:
We always have an early bath get snuggled in some festive PJ's and enjoy a nice takeaway together. The beds are always changed on Christmas Eve so we can get into lovely clean sheets and settle down to watch a Christmas film together! Sophie- Soph-Obsessed

  • Takeaway and Scrabble:
We always have a takeaway on Christmas Eve followed by a rather competitive adult only game of scrabble! Beth- Twinderelmo

  • Smacking The Turkeys Bum!
Smacking the turkey’s bum before it goes in the oven, because it’s been naughty (long story dating back to when I was little). Keeping a present back to open after New Year, my mum would always hide them so well she’s always forget one and I’d get it about a week later. It sort of stuck! Helen - Welsh Mum Writing

  • Buffet and Hat making!
Christmas Eve buffet, used to be whilst waiting for midnight mass when I was still at home, now it's just a buffet for the sake of it! Also, paper hat making contest between pressies and lunch using only the discarded wrapping and sellotape/scissors. Everyone wears their hat to lunch & a winner is chosen!! Louise- Pink Pear Bear

  • Musical Bells:
We always play guess the tune with the Christmas bells. If there happen to be less than 8 of us then people have to have more than one which makes it even funnier.
I am always the conductor. It becomes more hilarious the more we’ve had to drink!! Emma -
The Money Whisperer

  • Rocking around the Christmas Tree:
n Denmark we dance around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. All join hands, dance and sing carols. Nadia- Scandi Mummy

  • Social Club:
We always have to go over the social club across the road from my nan and bamps on Xmas eve (we always have since I was a toddler) to have a drink and listen to Xmas songs- now the little ones are here they come too and have a squash and quavers. It's so lovely to see all the generations coming through that I grew up with. Lianne- Ankle Biters Adventures

  • Presents:
Opening the gifts under the tree after lunch! (Stockings only in the morning!) Zoe-Lycra Widow

I hope you loved reading about the traditions as much as I have, there is definitely some odd ones! You can catch up with week 1 of Blogmas HERE If you haven't Already! Thanks so much for reading and we'll see you soon!

Much Love


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