Dealing with depression is a battle which lasts a lifetime. Some days, the darkness lifts and you feel as if you can enjoy life. Still, ther...

Crazily Effective Ways To Avoid A Depression Relapse

By January 18, 2018

Dealing with depression is a battle which lasts a lifetime. Some days, the darkness lifts and you feel as if you can enjoy life. Still, there are times when a relapse occurs and the gloom settles back in for the long haul. Anyone who has a mental illness will know that avoiding setbacks is the way forward. Of course, it’s much easier to say in theory than it is to do in practice. Thankfully, there are helpful hints that proven to work and keep the demons away.

The following is a selection of some of the best tips.

Be Proactive

The credit card bill arrives in the post or online and you start to panic. Before long, your anxiety has escalated and you have a full-blown episode. Everyone has had to deal with money troubles in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The trick is to be as proactive as possible by tackling the debts head-on. Do you have bad credit and a loan? In that case, use the resources on ​​ and boost your rating. Do the interest rates on your credit card cost you a fortune? ​Https://​ has great tips on how to negotiate with companies and lower the overall balance.


Exercise Regularly 

Depression comes back when stress builds and cortisol levels increase. Both of these things lead to tension which gets worse and worse until it explodes. An explosion is one thing you need to avoid at all costs, which is why you should
​find a release​. It’s worth noting that there are loads to choose from and exercise isn’t the only option. But, it is one of the most popular because it’s a medium to vent anger and frustration. Plus, flogging your body on a treadmill lets you forget about your worries for a while. Only Mo Farah could think about mental health while the rest of us try to avoid a heart attack!
Avoid Overstretching

New Year, new me is the phrase of the year so far. The only problem with this attitude is that it can force you to take on too many tasks. As well as getting fit, you might want to travel more, make more money, and find more time for your partner. All of the latter are brilliant targets to hit, but they are only achievable one step at a time. It’s worse for people with mental health problems because failure can lead to negative introspection.
Don’t Blame One's Self

Individuals that deal with depression often negatively critique their life and skill set. Having a go at yourself for doing something wrong is one of the easiest things in the world, yet it’s dangerous. Quite simply, by doing this you are telling your brain that you are at fault and no one else. Not only is this not entirely true, but it’s also a contributor to a negative mental attitude. To look on the bright side, you need to be positive and focus on the constructive feedback.

Relapses can happen at any time. When it does, use these tips to keep depression away.

Let me know what your tips are for avoiding a depression relapse?

Much Love


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