WERE GETTING MARRIED!! So me and Mike have been engaged for a while and we think its time to tie the knot! Nothing big just a small Inter...

Getting Married..The Next Chapter

By January 21, 2018 ,


So me and Mike have been engaged for a while and we think its time to tie the knot! Nothing big just a small Intermit thing at the registry office and a nice meal with our family and a few friends.
Don't worry, Ill still be wearing a wedding dress and dressing the kids up too but were not going all out, Here's why...

black and white save the date image with picture of vicki and her finace michael

So money is a big issue, we both discussed and we don't see the point of having a big wedding and spending 2/3k on a day/night that will just be forgotten about, it just seems like a big waste of money, so we've decided to go small and save that other money for a new house and a new bed!

Its makes total sense that we do this the small way, we both agreed we just want to marry each other I couldn't care where or if I was surrounded by everyone its our day so why go big just to please everyone else?!

Mike has a huge family, none that he really talks to or gets on with, they all live about 200miles away so them being here would be lovely but probably isn't doable. We will invite his parents and if they turn up they turn up! My family all live around me - bar my sister who is 2 hours away but can easily get here by train.

So were going to marry in a registry office but will only be aloud 2 witness' with us, so we have to get married on a mon, tues or wed, we've decided to have it in the Easter half term so the kids can be with us too, its fitting cause that's when we all legally become family :D

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen:
honestly I probably have a list as long as my arm for bridesmaids but I am literally only having 2 and that's my daughter Lilli and mikes daughter Megan, same with Olli and Laten as Pageboys, were not buying extra cute but bloody expensive dresses, just something that ties in with our colours and looks smart :D

Now because were going in a registry office they have set vows so were planning to just say them outside when were done so everyone else waiting can hear too :D I don't have anything prepared but its a whole year away so I think it can wait!

Dress and suit:
My dress is just perfect and I'm so excited to get it (first I want to loose a little weight) Its From a site called Stacees.co.uk and its just beautiful tea length dress with lace and ill be wearing it with frilly white socks and converse (with crystals added to them)as you can tell I'm not a heels girl!!
Mikes suit (which he hasn't chosen a colour for yet) will probably be skinny fit with braces and a bow tie and also with converse too!

We're just going for a meal after with some family and friends, id be happy with a burger king but we're going somewhere a little bit more classy like the Olive Garden or Porterhouse, just somewhere with a bar and that lets us bring our own wedding cake :D

I'm so excited, Were so excited! I have lots of planning and lots of saving to do too!
So lets get married! Ill update soon!

Much Love

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