Primo recently contacted me and asked if I could sit down with my daughter Lilli and ask her a few questions, these questions are related t...

Coding Girls Blogger Challenge

By March 02, 2018

Primo recently contacted me and asked if I could sit down with my daughter Lilli and ask her a few questions, these questions are related to inspiring children and teaching them STEM skills such as coding.

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In case you didn't know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics.
Here is a snippet from STEM'S website:
  • young people from all backgrounds have the aspiration, knowledge, and skills to thrive, with more progressing into STEM-related careers
  • employers can gain access to knowledgeable, talented people with strong STEM skills, increasing productivity, competitiveness, and diversity
  • teachers of STEM subjects continually develop their STEM knowledge and experience, maximizing their impact and own job satisfaction
  • families and communities recognize the value of STEM to young people, encouraging and supporting them in STEM-related studies and careers
Primo has asked as part of international women's day that we spread the word of STEM activities for young girls, it's important that young girls get to try these activities because only 24% of females actually end up in the STEM workforce and that needs to change!

Some families don't have females with any STEM roles and that's okay but with today's ethics all roles are now gender neutral, we want all girls to be able to try something new and starting them off young is the perfect chance.  

So, I sat down with Lilli and we had a look through the Primo E-book, We talked about the different activities she could try and how we could try them too, then went through the questions below together, Here are her answers.

  • What do you enjoy about being a girl?
    My hair, My pretty clothes and when I'm older I can wear makeup! - Lilli then got very excited and started telling me all her plans for when she's a 'big girl'
  • Have you ever been told you can’t do anything because you’re a girl?
    No...she was very blunt to this question and too right the girl can do anything she wants!
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
    'I want to be a cooker (chef) like you mummy and make yummy cakes' - I didn't have the heart to tell her I'm actually not a chef!!
  • Which woman/girl inspires you the most and why?
    'Meghan Trainer because she's good at singing and dancing, and Barbie cause she has lots of cool jobs'
  • what do you know about computer programming/coding?
    'Whats coding mummy? I like computers'
  • What activity did you enjoy the most in our guide to coding for kids book and why? (Activities for parents to do with their child)
' I liked Simon says it was funny' - We tried out the activity from the guide to coding ebook and although we play it a lot at our local community children's groups it never gets old and I always end up catching her out!

Me and Lilli had fun playing and it's always great for me to see her learning without her realizing it, Our favorite STEAM activity (the A is for arts-for preschool ages) is lego, I run a Lego club every fortnight and we have loads at home, I set challenges to see who can build the tallest tower or a house with a roof or if they can make a self-portrait, its so much fun and with lego anything is possible.

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this and make sure you go and download the E-book it's FREE! and full of brilliant ideas :D 

Let me know what your favorite activity was from the e-book in the comments below :D

Much Love

*This is a collaborative post*

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