IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I honestly can't believe how quick it's came around this year, so to get things started with a ban...

Blogmas Tag 2018

By December 08, 2018


I honestly can't believe how quick it's came around this year, so to get things started with a bang its time for the blogmas tag :D

so I'm gonna answer some questions and pass the tag on then you do it too!! Ready?! Let's go!

Blogmas Questions:

1. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
So, I love Christmas songs but it has to be a bit of Michael Buble or Wham!

2. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
Has to be Mickeys Once upon a Christmas 🎄 THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE!

3. Are you good or bad at wrapping presents?
I’m terrible unless it’s a box or a tub of sweets!
4. Do you have any family traditions?
Yes! We open 1 present on Christmas Eve and then read our Christmas story :)

5. Favourite Christmas food?
Probably Christmas pudding or candy canes

6. Mince pies or Christmas pudding?
Hmmm, this is a tough one! I love them both but Christmas pudding with fresh cream is a winner!!

7. Do you wake up early on Christmas Day or have a lie in?
Early!! We were up at 4am last year!! This year will probably be the same!

9. Best cracker joke?
What does Miley Cyrus have for Christmas?
A: Twerky

10. Do you give/ receive any yearly gifts?
Yes!! My mum buys us a ‘crappy Callander’ every year!
And also we put an orange in stockings too! It’s a weird yearly thing!

11. Have you got a New Years resoloution yet?
Yes! To Grow My Business!

12. Are you dressy or pj’s on Christmas Day?
Pjs all day long!!! Unless we're going to see family then its more like a onesie lol

13. What’s for Christmas dinner?
Normally chicken we're not turkey fans but sometimes we have gammon it’s so good!

14. What’s on your wish list this year?
Alexa Dot, Handbag, a purse and some cuddles

15. Do you buy local/handmade items or mass produced?
Honestly a little of both! It’s hard with the kids wanting his and that ‘must have’ toys!

16. When do your tree and decs go up?
This year we did it on 27th november :)

17. Midnight mass or not?
Not for us! We love Christmas party’s though!

18. What age did you stop believing?
Honestly, I was about 9/10 and it bloody killed me :(

19. What’s your favourite Christmas event?
Has to be going to see Lilli in the school concert she just melts me :D

20. Are you a Christmas fanatic?
I wouldn't say fantastic but its growing on me :D

Really hope you enjoyed my questions and I hope you get to answer them :D

I’m tagging Michaela from At Home With Kayla, Karina from Mums The Nerd, Alice from Living With A Jude, Naomi from Me Becoming Mum, Lisa from That British Betty,  Laura from Laura Morningstar and Emma from Me The Man And The Baby :D

Much love

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