Have you ever felt like you’ve got no time for yourself because you feel the looming pressures from day-to-day life? Maybe you’d love...

Listen to your body – not your mind.

By January 15, 2019 ,

mental health guest post

Have you ever felt like you’ve got no time for yourself because you feel the looming pressures from day-to-day life? Maybe you’d love to go to the cinema, have dinner with a friend or just have a hot bath without worrying about anything, but you have that horrible twisting feeling in your stomach that tells you, you just don’t have time for it. When struggling with a mental illness/illnesses, it can feel even harder to tell yourself that you need some ‘me time’ and it makes it feel less deserving.  This could have an impact on both your wellbeing and productivity. I think we’re all guilty of not listening to our body and then crashing when it’s all too much.

When looking back on events you may have missed out on, nights out you passed on all because you felt guilty, now is the time to tell yourself that it’s ok to say yes to things that make you happy – despite what your mind is telling you! Of course its ok to say no too, but you should never give yourself a hard time because you’re enjoying yourself! In the end, you’ll realise that you will feel better doing things you want. Sometimes, when we listen to our mind, it can take over and distort what we’re thinking – people believe there is so much pressure to be a certain way to fit in with society, but the truth is, there are no guidelines on how to live your life.

Unfortunately, for me, I’ve learnt this the hard way – many of times I’ve listened to my mind but instead, I should have been listening to my body. I always think to myself ‘I can’t do that, because I have to do this’, this only makes the task harder and makes productivity drop lower.  If you feel you can’t get over the guilt of doing things you enjoy, then turn it into a reward – you did 3 hours of work no interruption? Perfect, go for a nice long walk, grab a coffee or reach out to someone. Feeling isolated can only make you feel worse, always try and get person interaction daily, this really does help! There is time for balance – for doing things you HAVE to do, and doing things you WANT to do. If you’re like me and you’re unable to shake the feeling of guilt when doing something you enjoy, tell yourself you’re doing it because you CAN.

Hi! My name is Sophie, I’m 22, a Student from North Wales. I’ve just finished studying for my law degree at undergraduate level, now I’m currently doing my Master’s degree in Law and Banking. My blog is my escape, to blog about things I love, new finds, or even just to write. Writing helps me escape how I’m feeling. I also love reading, spending time with family and friends and discovering new places with my love. I also blog about life living with mental illnesses, I know I’m not alone on this matter so if you ever feel you need to reach out then I’m always free to talk. You can find me:

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