welcome to 2019 you made it!!  New Year Fresh Start! That's what they always say! And what better time than now ey?! The new year has...

New Year Fresh Start! The TadFan Goals Planner Review

By January 02, 2019

welcome to 2019 you made it!! New Year Fresh Start! That's what they always say! And what better time than now ey?! The new year has just begun and everyone's planning their year, what better way to do it than to set some GOALS, make sure they're realistic and sensible too!

So, I was contacted by TadFan to review their planner new planner and of course, I said yes, I'm so unorganized I'll take anything to help!
Once I looked more on the site I found it its so much more than just a planner, it's a goals planner too! it helps you figure out your goals and what steps you have to take to achieve
The TadFan planner can help with weight loss goals, personal development, becoming happier, mental health and so much more!

Each weekly planner section has a space for each day, To Dos and things to fill in at the end of the week such as 'what made you smile this week' and has a great quote each week too!
There are spaces for braindumps, favourite meals, shopping lists, notes, birthdays, a finances budget, emotion timeline and of course a full 12-month Callander. 

I'm so impressed with it and the layout is absolutely brilliant, it's definitely something I could use every day! Plus the design on the front is really nice and it's not huge, it fits in my bag lovely! 

I'm really impressed with the whole thing and I'm really hoping it will help me with my goals especially my business goals too! But if anything I'm just looking forward to trying to better myself!

Take a look at a quote from the TadFan site:

TadFan exists solely to help others help reach their goals, overcome a problem or challenging time in their life. We provide the support and guidance and promise to do everything we can to help you find that inner strength to shine. We are a team of like minded people who have been through all of the challenges you have faced. We won’t judge your path. (We have probably done worse things in our lives)  We are all survivors, who choose to grab the bull by its horns and not give up. You can knock someone down, but you cannot keep it down. We all have a purpose and ours is to help you. We hope we can work together dig deep and find the solution to enable you to have inner peace and regain clarity in life. Start today with the TadFan Goals Planner.
You can Purchase The TadFan Goals Planner HERE and set your goals in motion for 2019!

Happy New Year Guys!
Let me know what you think on social media @mummahm 

Much Love 

*Disclosure* Tis was a gifted item, all opinions mentioned above apart from the quote are my own and honest and my own opinion.

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