Parenting is hard. We all know that. But it only ever has to be really tough if you let your...

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Become The Best They Can Be

By February 22, 2019

Parenting is hard. We all know that. But it only ever has to be really tough if you let yourself live in the difficulty. If you choose for it to be hard. Now, you may be thinking - why would I choose the hardship? And while that’s a very relevant question, asking it doesn’t mean that you don’t do it. In life, we all make choices. We decide the kind of lives we want to lead, how we think, and how we act. Even not making a choice is a choice. And so, if you let yourself live on autopilot and you find parenting difficult, it’s a choice. This means that we need to choose otherwise. Together, as women, we need to choose to live consciously and to be active parents. Then, we can become the very best versions of ourselves. This will then allow us to raise our kids to become the best versions of themselves too. And here’s how.

1. Be Firm, But Fair

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re firm. Yes, be a fair parent, but also make sure that you’re firm. because if you’re too soft or lenient, it can show in their attitude and behaviour.

2. Teach Your Kids

The next thing that you need to do here, is be a teacher. Because you’re not just a parent. A protector. A carer. You’re there to be a guide. To teach your kids. To show them right from wrong. To educate them and inspire them. To encourage them to learn and absorb and grow. If you want your kids to become the best they can be, you need to nurture them and encourage them to grow as much as they possibly can.

3. Encourage Them To Be Independent

But they also need to be independent. They need to find themselves. To understand their strengths. To know how to do things for themselves. To work, with jobs such as for themselves. So combine the teacher you with the adult you and show them, then give them space to learn other things for themselves too.

4. Support, Don’t Smother

But then also, you need to check in with your own actions and your approach your parenting. And this means that you need to be accountable for your actions. Do not smother your children. This is not going to help them in any way - nor you. Instead, you need to take on a supporting role here. Being supportive is important, but you just cannot smother them in place of that. It’s going to harm them more than you’ll know.

5. Focus On Fun

Now, we all know that discipline is important, but it’s really not the be all and end all of parenting. In fact, if all you do is discipline and be cold, you’re not going to have any kind of relationship with your children. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re all having fun together. That your family life is enjoyable. And that you all have a great bond. So don’t be afraid of doing things as a family, or really enjoying your lives together. Because this can help you to raise well-rounded kids.

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