As a busy mum, you are always looking for ways to create a happy, cosy and fun environment for your little ones to grow up in. Although you...

7 Happy Home Projects to Create a Fun Environment for the Kids

By February 12, 2019

As a busy mum, you are always looking for ways to create a happy, cosy and fun environment for your little ones to grow up in. Although you don’t always have much spare time on your hands there will always be time to find new ideas to brighten up your humble abode. Your creative side always likes to come out to play when you have projects like this on your hands, however, you want to avoid DIY disasters at all costs. Make sure you carefully plan any big changes you’re going to make in and around the home and hire some help if possible. There are so many potential ideas you could explore when it comes to building a bright and bubbly atmosphere in your home, so start discovering your options right now.
1. DIY Duties
You love getting your hands dirty and trying out new DIY projects around the house. What better time to start something new right now such as decking outside or a homemade playhouse for the garden? You could purchase all of your supplies from George Hill Timber and know that you are getting the highest quality wood and timber on the market. Hire a handyman to give you some help if you think you might struggle to get it all done by yourself!
2. Perfect Playroom
Revamping the playroom can seem like a huge mission, especially when they are always accumulating new toys every day. You might want to rethink the décor in the room and the storage solutions so that you can make the most of the space. Stackable boxes and in built shelving units are a great way to stash away toys and books without causing complete chaos.
3. Cool Kitchen Cupboards
Every mother knows the feeling of trying to hide the sweet treats and breakable objects in the higher cupboards and shelves in the kitchen; it’s only natural. Why don’t you take the opposite approach and create a couple of kid-friendly cupboards that the children are allowed to go in anytime they want. Plastic cups, bowls and healthy snacks could be easily accessible to them and it might just save you a lot of time when they want a drink or treat; they can simply help themselves and gain independence.
4. Getting Crafty
Every happy home needs a creative place for the children to relax and unwind. A craft table in the kitchen or playroom is the perfect way to keep them quiet when they seem to be running amok. Fill a plastic box with paper, card, glue, glitter and stickers so that they can dip into it whenever they want. It will be a lifesaver when you’re busy in the kitchen and they have already had too much TV time that day.
5. Great Garden
If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, this is the perfect space for your kids to run off their energy and let off steam. Toys in the garden are always going to be a hit as they will be begging to play outside whenever they can.
6. Blissful Bedrooms
Your bedroom and the kid’s bedrooms need to be a super safe and soothing place for them to be at all times, otherwise you aren’t all going to get a decent night’s sleep. Invest in blackout blinds so that you can all get a peaceful night’s sleep without any blaring lights from outside on the streets. Come up with a relaxing routine that get everybody in the mood to sleep too. Bath time, story time and then bedtime is the most popular amongst most parents.

two toddler pillow fighting
7. Luxury Living
There are many ways in which you can make your living room cosier so that the kids always feel safe and relaxed. Why not add a couple of bean bags into your living space so that the kids have somewhere fun and comfy to sit? They will love it and you can get some really chic colours nowadays too!
You have always wanted your kids to grow up in a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment, so you want to do your best to support their childhood as much as you can. Exploring these different projects will bring you an excitable buzz that truly can’t be beaten. Watching your little ones thrive and flourish in a lively and loving atmosphere is one of the best feelings you could possibly have. Get creative at home right now and you will soon open up a whole load of doors for your kids in the future.

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  1. Our garden is an absolute life saver. i love that I can open the door and let Dex out to simply run off steam. He will actually just run around in circles!! Toddlers are crazy!

    1. Haha yes my 4 love it too they're even out there in the winter they're crazy