4 Weeks ago I started the Exante diet, a low-calorie meal replacement system that helps you lose weight while still being totally d...

Exante 4 week review: The Pros And Cons

By February 19, 2019


4 Weeks ago I started the Exante diet, a low-calorie meal replacement system that helps you lose weight while still being totally delicious.
I was so excited to start and if you been watching on Instagram stories I got started quite quickly. I was so eager to shed the winter pounds and get back to a healthy weight because my BMI had been so high.

I started by deciding what plan of the diet I was going to follow so I chose to have 3 meal replacements a day and a small 200 calorie meal/snack. Day 1 was simple but the bar I had for breakfast (double chocolate) was awful! I then drank my coffee and had a glass of water with the orange and pineapple enhancer in it.
Lunchtime came around and I tried the vanilla shake, the flavour was beautiful but a little sweet. 

For dinner, I had the Butternut squash and sweet potato soup and it was honestly to die for! It was the best soup I've had in a long time! (definitely on the top of my list) with the soup, I had 1 slice of plain bread to dip (cause who doesn't love a bit of bread with soup) and a pint of water, then for a late supper I made 100g of plain pasta.

So concluding the first day I really didn't drink enough water, that being said I wasn't overly thirsty, but overall was a really easy day and I didn't really think too much about eating anything else.
The next few days were harder, I was out shopping surrounded by food I wanted so it was hard and I didn't drink enough again so got a bad headache (you'd think I'd learn!)
Notes from the next few days were that the Chocolate caramel bar was delicious, the chocolate orange bar tasted just like a toffee crisp and the strawberry shake tasted just like a McDonald's thick shake (without the thickness) the rest of the week went relatively easy apart from the Thursday where it was my daughters birthday and the cake was just calling me and we had dominos pizza too! trust me it was such a regret after! on Sunday I had my first weigh in and lost 5lb so I was over the moon!

The week after went relatively the same but with drinking more water and I lost 3lb that week so I was happy again!

I got a little bored and was really craving normal food in week 3, all the free stuff really didn't appeal to me so I decided to change it up and do half a day with 2 meal replacements and 1 full meal at dinner time, it was working perfectly and I lost another 3lb that week too!

In the last week, I was really struggling with what to choose from the box of shakes etc and there were a few things didn't want to try like the Red Thai chicken soup, I opened it and it smelt disgusting so instead, I just had another shake. Also, I wouldn't try the curry (some people love it but I'm just not for spice at all) so again that afternoon I went for another shake but overall with the shakes and eating a meal I lost 1lb that week but a loss is a win!!

My favourite shake has to be the strawberry one and cookies and cream they're both so delicious and are made for me being such a sweet tooth! My favourite bar has to be the chocolate caramel or the lemon ones cause they're delicious.

Anyway, I'm really happy with all the progress and I lost a total of 12lb so nearly a stone with really minimal effort!! And although I didn't measure my waist I certainly feel slimmer as my jeans are falling down so I'm really happy! 

I get that this diet really isn't for everyone but me being sceptical at first of things like this and just trying it, I've proved that it does work and yes I didn't lose as much as I planned but I still lost and it's still a win!!

So if you want to know how it works or how I got started, follow the link to my first post HERE!

The Pros And Cons:
Pros: You can choose single items from the website and make up your own 'package' if you like.
Cons: Not everyone is going to like everything in the 4-week plan Package.

Pros: The shakes are really tasty and so easy to prepare.
Cons: Some of them taste very artificial.

Pros: Its really good quality for the money.
Cons: Some can't afford to pay out in one large sum. (but you can buy single items as a when you like!)

If you want to give the Exante diet a go use my codes to get discounts now! The Results really are worth it and it definitely is worth the money...So go save some pounds with my code and GO GET THAT BEACH BOD!

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post that includes affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the products I get a percentage of the takings at no extra cost to you.

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  1. This is amazing well done you xx

  2. That’s a huge weight loss you should be so proud of yourself! I’d never heard of the Exante diet until recently but I’m glad to see it has worked for you. I’m trying to calorie count this week as my baby is now 10 weeks old and I’m sick of living in leggings. I’ll see how I get on over the next few weeks and potentially give this a shot if I don’t see any losses.

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