Picture Credit Are you starting to get a bit bored of your bedroom? If so, it could be time you freshened it up a bit. Don’t worry; t...

Speedy Ways To Freshen Up Your Tired Bedroom

By February 08, 2019

Are you starting to get a bit bored of your bedroom? If so, it could be time you freshened it up a bit. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that you need to completely redecorate the whole room - there are a few smaller tweaks and changes that you might want to make instead. Here are a few that should give you a few inspiring ideas on how to freshen up a tired bedroom.

Add A Throw To The Bed

If you are quite happy with the decor of the room at the minute, but think that it could do with a few new features, you could simply add a throw onto the bed. This is a large blanket that covers the bottom end of the bed. If you shop for wholesale bed runners and throws, you should be able to find them at very reasonable prices. Not only do these runners and throws help you add a bit of extra colour to the room, but they can also make your bed look even neater once it has been made.

Use Some Plants

Another idea to add some instant colour and freshness to your bedroom is to bring in some plants. Lots of people use plants around their homes, but hardly anyone seems to bring them into their bedroom. I’m not really sure why that is as most plants will work wonders in this room. They will help it pop with colour and will also freshen up the air for you, so your bedroom doesn’t feel so stuffy through the night.

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Change The Lighting Scheme

It’s also worth changing up the lighting scheme in your bedroom. Using the main light all the time can make the lighting feel quite harsh, which isn’t what you want when you are trying to relax in the evenings. So, it could be a good idea to bring in a few smaller lamps. That way, your body and mind can start to prepare for sleep while you read in bed. One other great tip is to add some dimmer lights so that you can have the light levels exactly how you want them.

Lose The Clutter

You will be amazed at how effective clearing the clutter from your bedroom will be. Even just getting rid of all the rubbish that is on the floor and in your cupboards can make it feel like a completely new room! It may be hard work, but you will really be happy once you have spent the day going through everything in your bedroom and deciding what you get rid of!

Use Patterned Wallpaper

You don’t have to use patterned wallpaper only on your walls. There are other great ways to utilise this as well. For instance, you might want to add some to the inside of your wardrobe or drawers, for instance. If you want to be a bit bolder, why not add a vibrant pattern onto the outside of a wardrobe?!

How will you freshen up your tired bedroom?

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