Summer is here and we're off to the beach! But what to pack? Yes, make a list cause you'll always forget something as you rush out ...

What to pack in your beach bag this summer

By June 05, 2019

Summer is here and we're off to the beach!But what to pack? Yes, make a list cause you'll always forget something as you rush out the door!

What to pack in your beach bag this summer

First up is a bag...

Take the biggest bag you possibly can and a carrier bag for all the wet clothes too!

"An IKEA blue bag to carry all the wet towels/clothing home - also makes a great makeshift paddling pool"

"A rubbish bag to pick up our rubbish and any rubbish near us."

Then Suncream...

Factor 50 for the kids and me cause I burn so easy! And like factor 20 for Mike cause he doesn't burn he just goes brown.

"Never forgetting the sun cream anymore since I used to do plenty of that in the past, and lots of cold water! "

Next up is some water...

"I freeze bottles of water and keep them in the cool bag. Not only do they keep everything cold but they slowly melt throughout the day so at the end of the day when you have to make your way home in the hot car or on foot you have an ice cold drink to hand!" - Jess - Facebook comment


The sand free kind are my favourite but any old towel will do, Plus keep an extra one on hand for hair or just a stylish Cape if you get cold haha

" A muslin to get the sand off feet, travel towels as they pack tiny and are incredibly light and a book - well a girl can dream!!"

"Always, a beach towel, sunglasses, sun hats, sun cream, and a book. Not forgetting money for an ice-cream."

What to pack in your beach bag this summer
Blankets and parasols...
I never take a blanket or parasol or even windbreakers but I really should cause I regret it every time!
But they keep the sand at bay and a cosy place to play.

You can buy a sand free beach towel here and use code MUMMA15 FOR 15% OFF! 

" Fitted sheet or extra giant picnic blanket so there is plenty of sand free room!"Www.Mummieswaiting.Com

"We have recently purchased a fabulous sand free blanket. We live near the sea and the car can look a right mess with all the sand we bring home. This blanket stops sand sticking to it and with a quick shake it's clear of sand and ready to pack in the car with no worries"

A book or magazine...

Everyone likes a good read while they catch some rays... I prefer a word search or crossword to do then I don't have to worry about losing my place if I have to go help the kids!

"An entertaining magazine to enjoy"

"Factor 50, ice poles (they never last but you get a couple before they defrost and they help keep the wine cold ;) ), Parasol, baby powder to help remove sand, books and beach games"

Other bits and bobs...

Talc... I always go to the beach with some talc... It's really a great soft way to get sand of you and helps with the little ones too!

"Talc to get the sand off our feet"

A cool box.... there's nothing worse than a warm drink, a cool box is great for cold drinks and cool picnic snacks.

Bucket and spade... Who can forget that right?! There's been plenty of time we forgot to bring ours and end up feeling so guilty we buy a whole new one to add to the collection that cost an arm and a leg!

What to pack in your beach bag this summer
Sunglasses... I always make sure we have our sunnies on... Being blinded by the sun isn't the best look especially in those squinty selfies!

Floaties... So maybe not armbands but maybe a ring, a boat or a lilo would be cool just don't float out too far! Also, the lilo can double up as a sunbed ;)

Cabrera clips... They're so helpful with clipping bags to buggies or even clipping flip flops to bags to not get too sandy!

Sun hats... Make sure everyone has a hat to wear... Sunburn can even get your scalp and the heat can give you a headache so make sure you take one with you.

A deck chair... If your feeling like sitting instead of laying take a foldable deck chair, they're great sitting around near the kid's pool or near the water on the beach.

After all of what to pack here are some great safety tips!

Learn your beach rules... They may seem silly but they keep you safe! Learn and obey them at all times.

Find your nearest lifeguards hut and make your children aware, use this as a lost child point too.

Wrist tags... Wrist tags for the beach are really great idea write your name and number on it so if your child gets lost they can call you to find you. On RNLI beaches safety tags are FREE too ;)

Watch out for sea life...

Jellyfish look a lot like carrier bags in the water and crabs can be super fast and pinchy, be careful but respect the wildlife around you.
What to pack in your beach bag this summer

Take notice of beach flags...

Red and yellow, black and white, orange, red? What do they all mean? Learn your flags and take extra care on your beach visit.

Stay together...

This may seem like an obvious one but this applies everywhere including the water.
Plan a meeting point in case you get separated.

Photo: Nigel Millard

Blow-up toys and airbeds are designed for pools, not the sea where they can easily be swept out. If you do use them at the beach, then:

  • ensure children are closely supervised
  • keep near the shore
  • only use between the red and yellow beach flags
  • follow the lifeguard’s advice
  • do not take inflatables out in big waves
  • never use them when the orange windsock is flying, as this indicates offshore winds which will blow inflatables further out to sea
  • if you do get into difficulty, then stay with your inflatable as it will keep you above the water.

Every Summer, the RNLI and Swim England hold Swim Safe sessions for 7-14-year-olds at selected beaches and lakes. The sessions are free and teach children vital skills to stay safe in and around open water.

If you want more beach safety take a look at RNLI tips HERE...
Plus they also have some amazing printables for kids too!!

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