This post contains affiliate links where I can receive a percentage of your sale at no extra charge to you, this post also contain...

The Big Summer Clean!

By July 03, 2019

This post contains affiliate links where I can receive a percentage of your sale at no extra charge to you, this post also contains gifted items. 

So, Summer is here and we all know its time to de-clutter, clean and go Hinch crazy! Maybe its time to throw away the old pool and buy a new one or the garden chairs are a bit too old to salvage. 

Maybe you just need to vacuum frequently, well I have some great products and tips to help you have a clean up for summer!

First up is Deebot, the little robot vacuum that cleans your floors so you don't have to! Deebot by EcoVacs is a robot vacuum that you can schedule to vacuum your floors, you don't have to have a dedicated schedule but it's so worth it, it comes with a remote control featuring options to clean edges of a room or circular motions, you can set it to a dedicated room or just stick it on auto and have it go everywhere, Deebot has a drop sensor, a closeness sensor so it will avoid walls or other objects without crashing and it connects to your WiFi network so you can control it all from your app too (great for me as I always seem to lose remotes). 

You can buy Deebot HERE
Photo by from Pexels

Next up is a steam mop, now I'm a massive fan of my steam mop, it's so quick and easy and beats having to use a manual mop or scrubbing on your hands and knees, most steam mops just use water so you don't even have to buy any extras either! Plus they even work on the carpet you just have to let it dry a little longer. 

Refresh your garden! 
Maybe it's time to get some new garden chairs or even a new pool for the kids! Check out these Rattan garden chairs and this Best way 5ft Pool to spruce your garden up. 

Pressure washing... 
Pressure washing is so great, it gets things so clean in seconds This cheap pressure washer is great especially for cleaning up the old bbq or garden chairs! Plus you can use it on the patio too!

Ditch the plastic and go green! Or should I say clean!
Try switching from plastic to reusable or even glass with cleaners there's so many you can make yourself with some white vinegar and baking soda and a few other bits, find them here on Pinterest and you can buy a glass spray bottle from Amazon or just fill up an old one.

Maybe the kids want to help clean? 
Did you know you can buy Dyson and Hetty/Henry products that they can use to help you clean? It's such a great way of teaching them about cleaning your home. 

Heres some tips from other bloggers...
  • Soda crystals and white vinegar left to fizz down the plug hole to ensure they are kept nice and clean -Beth from
  • Newspaper on top of the kit hen cupboards to soak up the grease. Change every other month or so, saves on scrubbing them -Sarah from
  • Bicarbonate of soda sprinkled on carpets, left overnight and then vacuumed up to deodorise- Emma from
  • Citric acid to descale the kettle. I wish I’d found out about it sooner because it’s cheaper, it works better and there’s no plastic waste.- Emma from
  • Declutter!! It’s way easier to clean if you keep clutter in check - Wendy from Daisies & Pie - Check out her post here on decluttering
  • Have a place for everything. It makes it much easier to tidy and you’ll have less to dust too. - Katy from
  • Have a basket/box with you in each room and as you find stuff that belongs somewhere else pop in the basket rather than go put away. Makes you more likely to finish the room you’re in than get distracted when you’ve gone to put it back.

Let me know your tips on or your fave cleaning product below!


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