The Asmodée UK Boardgame club sent us another game and this time we're mega excited to share it with you if your even the slightest...

Board Game Club... Harry Potter Dobble

By August 27, 2019

The Asmodée UK Boardgame club sent us another game and this time we're mega excited to share it with you if your even the slightest little fan of Harry Potter-like my kids are then it's still a mega-fun game to play!

Harry Potter Dobble is just like regular Dobble, and if you haven't played that it's kinda just like snap! With 55 Cards this game doesnt really take long, playtime is about 10-15 mins per game depending on if your playing with adults or children.

harry potter dobble board game

Start by dealing out 1 card to every player, then place 1 in the middle... Each player turns over their card at the same time and has to be the fastest to match a picture from their card to the middle card whoever does this the fastest wins that card... The process repeats until all cards are won. Then count up who has the most and that player is the winner.

Dobble is the perfect game to play with children it really makes them quick thinkers and have fast reactions. Me and Lilli play this game so much and she loves it, although she doesn't know what every object or crest is called we still have loads of fun.

Dobble has 5 different games to play with the cards but the picture matching (Game 1: The Tower) has to be the easiest with young children.

The second game is called The Well...
The aim. Is to get rid of all your cards...
Place 1 in the middle and deal all other cards as evenly as possible and the first to get rid of all their cards is the winner!

The third game is called Hot Potato...
Deal 1 card facedown to each player and set aside all other cards... Choose how many rounds you will play (5 minimum)
See rules below...

The fourth game is called The Poisened Gift...
Deal 1 card to each player and place them facedown, place the remaining cards in the middle to form the draw pile... The object of the game is to have the least cards..
See rules below.

The fifth game is called Triplet...
Place all the cards face down in a pile and then draw the first 9 cards and place them face up in rows of 3.
The object of the game is to collect the most cards.
See below for the rules.

Dobble comes boxed and in a tin to keep it all tidy too so no messy cards all over the place either. It's also a really great game to play with adults over a glass of Butterbeer!

Here's a recipe for that too from Thimble And Twig

Photo credit Thimble And Twig

Butterbeer Recipe
Butterscotch (or caramel ice cream)

  • Ice Cream Soda
  • Caramel Sauce (warmed up), we used Sainsburys Salted Caramel sauce
  • Butterscotch or toffee pieces (you can find these in the baking section)
  • Whipped Cream (we just used squirty cream).
Place a spoonful of ice cream into the cream soda, squirt some cream on top and add the hot caramel sauce with the butterscotch pieces on top. It sort of froths a bit like a potion – which adds to the magic!

Now you have the game the rules and the delicious Butterbeer have fun playing!


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