Digital Pocket Money- The Best Way For Kids To Save Pocket money is a really exciting thing for a kid, I remember getting my 50pence a...

Digital Pocket Money- The Best Way For Kids To Save

By August 22, 2019

Digital Pocket Money- The Best Way For Kids To Save

Pocket money is a really exciting thing for a kid, I remember getting my 50pence a week and getting so excited to buy things that never lasted more than 5 minutes like penny sweets and magazines.
Whether it be from parents, grand-parents or even aunties and uncles it was so special to us!
We started giving Lilli pocket money when she turned 6, She gets £2.50 a week to spend on what she likes but she finds it really difficult to keep her money and save up for things she really wants like bigger toys, etc... Because purses have that jingle and as my mum said it burns a hole in your pocket! 

Well, we found Pigzbe and got so excited that we just had to share it with you.

Pigzbe is a new way of doing pocket money. It makes financial education child's play, helping kids 6+ learn the value of money in a fun and rewarding way. 

Pigzbe combines the Pigzbe Piggy Wallet, an educational pocket money app for kids and parents, and our own digital currency, Wollo, Check the video to see how it all works! 
Its a really simple and great way for kids to spend and save without losing those precious pound coins down the sofa!
Pigzbe comes in 2 colors with built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, a Piggy tail lanyard, USB-c charging cable, 1-year warranty and some FREE Wollo Tokens! Plus it can stick to any surface like the cupboard or fridge so they won't lose it!

Pigzbe works by setting tasks like cleaning a bedroom or helping with the washing, Adults can set tasks from their phone or tablet to be completed by a specific date and set how much Wollo (money) the child will receive for completing the task. Simple!
Wollo can also be gifted from grandparents for birthdays, Christmas or even just a treat too!

The App Will then tell the child when they have received a task to complete and will also give them a notification when they have received Wollo, They can then shake their Pigzbe to see how much Wollo they have saved. The app will show children how much their money tree has grown too so it's still visual. In late 2019 Pigzbe will have a branded Pigzbe family card and it will integrate straight to the app.
Wollo sounds a tad confusing but let me break it down for you,
1 Wollo = £0.10p
10 Wollo = £1.00
50 Wollo = £5.00
100 Wollo = £10.00
Meaning if you want to send a birthday gift of £10 you will need to send 100 Wollo's through the app. You can select a specific payday and choose an amount too so you could send 25 Wollo's Every Friday so they would then receive £2.50 to spend or save, So kids can learn while becoming great little savers too.

Pigzbe help kids:

Understand the value of money
Make the connection between hard work and rewards
Develop responsible saving habits
Develop their independence and self-sufficiency
Prepare kids for a future of digital money

Sign up to hear when the Pigzbe app goes live and, if you’re based in the UK, you can earn £20-worth of free pocket money when you subscribe how cool is that?!
Plus you can invite friends and family and you can earn even more – up to £160! – just by helping us spread the word. 

Join The Pigzbe Launch And Get FREE Pocket Money Now!

They'll send your FREE pocket money when you subscribe to the Pigzbe App for 1 month. A Pigzbe app subscription is £3.99 a month for up to two children with a 1-month free trial :)

So it's mega cheap too!!
Do you think Pigzbe will be a hit in your house? I definitely think it will be in mine! Leave us a comment below and let us know how you do pocket money...



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