Me and Lilli were casually watching Vamperina and talking about family traditions they have when we realized apart from Christmas and Ea...

Finding Family Traditions ...Not just for Christmas

By August 14, 2019

Me and Lilli were casually watching Vamperina and talking about family traditions they have when we realized apart from Christmas and Easter holidays we don't really have any... Family traditions can be for any time of year, not just for Christmas...

So, we asked about to see what family Traditions we could try and adapt to our family lifestyle, here's what they said...

  • My kids always get pick and mix on their birthdays, they seem to look forward to it as much the presents!
  • Funday Friday. We turn everything into fun and games. We learn through board games. Play computer games. Have a movie night or do a day trip. Www.Mummieswaiting.Com
  • My kids always get pick and mix on their birthdays, they seem to look forward to it as much the presents!
  • We discuss our good things and bad things from the day over dinner, along with what we're grateful for and what we've done that was kind. It makes the children think about how lucky they are and try to be kind during the day so they've got something to tell us about. It's also a great way to get them chatting about their day.
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  • We have a massive spring clean and tidy of the house before we go on holiday. My sister used to make us do it as kids and now I do it with my family - nothing better than coming home to a super tidy house after being away!
  • Freezer food Friday we always have pizza or chicken nuggets and chips and eat it on the sofa and watch a film we love it
  • The person whose birthday it is chooses dinner!
  • Family days. We love having family days outdoors and mostly choose beautiful country parks, walled gardens or castles where all family plus dog can come.
  • New onesies each summer for festivals and camping trips!
  • We always have Water Melon on holiday, the biggest one we can find. Not sure how it started but my Mother in Law said it was something they did on holidays and we have carried it on. Very random I know. Https://

    We're loving these family traditions so far and can't wait to try some great ideas and see if we can make out own family tradition too!
  • We've started doing Saturday morning cartoons with my little boy. When I was younger I always remember watching the kids TV programs on a weekend, but we don't have proper TV (just a Blu-ray player and collection of films/DVDs).

    Now we've got a bunch of vintage kids TV shows and every Saturday morning we watch three or four episodes of a program while we eat breakfast. First, it was Stoppit and Tidyup, now we're watching Paddington.
  • My four-year-old has this thing at bedtime where we all have to do a kiss on his lips, an Eskimo kiss on his nose, then kiss each other's heads. Bit random but we've been doing it for about a year now and he won't let us leave his bedroom without it!
  • Pizza Saturdays. And McDonald’s breakfast every time mummy or daddy have been out the night before 😂
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  • Paella the night before we go on holiday. Started before the kids were born and have continued!
  • We go to Aviemore most years for a week's holiday. I first went when I was 11, and have been most years since. I love the place and am delighted that my kids also love it. There is nothing quite like the Highland air!
  • I know you said not just Xmas but ours is delightful.
    I'm the oldest of 5. Me, Jenny, Daniel, Nicole, and Heather.
    When Jenny was a toddler she was too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve so she climbed in my bed and I made up stories. We basically kept each other awake until the sun came up and then we pestered the grown-ups to start the day. Then my brother Daniel was born and later joined us, then Nicole and then Heather. So on Christmas Eve we all shared a single bed and kept each other up. all night long.

    Circumstances were such that when I was 14 we were separated for a couple of years. Daniel went to live with his father, I went to live with my Grandma and the other three with Mum.

    We were reunited when I was 17 but by this point, Daniel was pushing 6ft and Jenny and I were both boob owning, hormone-secreting women.
    Nevertheless, when I came up to bed on Christmas Eve I discovered that old habits die hard and my siblings had pulled the mattresses off the youngest kids' bunk beds and laid them on the floor. They were sat in bed, ages 14, 12, 10 and 8 waiting for me to tell them stories.

    It was the last time we ever did it but even now, we all speak on Christmas Eve and reminisce about when we were kids.
  • Every summer we go to Newquay, Cornwall with my partner's side of the family. It's so lovely to see the children playing together! It reminds me of my childhood, nothing beats a big family holiday!

  • Not your birthday present’ each birthday in the family little ones get a ‘not your birthday present’ so everyone can get excited and not feel left out. Nothing expensive but something wrapped to make it feel special.
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  • Sunday is always family dinner with grandma
    The first day on holiday is always a full cooked breakfast
    We high five every night before going to bed after saying love yous
    We have a secret handshake, but obviously, I can't tell you what it is!
  • Every Friday evening we all sit together after a busy week. We get special drinks (wine for us and an apple tizer for them) some pizza and dough balls and chat about our weeks the good bits and any worries they have. We learn so much about what’s happening in school and it’s lovely to celebrate the start of the weekend
  • Strawberry picking, every June with the family. eat our way around the field then buy even more and end it at the country pub for some garden games with the children.
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Family traditions are so important and hold a very special place in our hearts, me and Lilli realized that Board Game Night is our tradition and we love it so much just us two having one on one time!

Now we've worked out ours, what are your family traditions?

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