While creating a new life is one of the most satisfying things any woman can do, it’s also a time rife with mental health concerns. Everyth...

Mental Health And Your IVF Journey

By January 17, 2020

While creating a new life is one of the most satisfying things any woman can do, it’s also a time rife with mental health concerns. Everything from postpartum depression to high levels of pregnancy anxiety can creep in. These, paired with a lack of sleep, can often leave women in a dark mental hole. And, that’s if all runs medically ‘smoothly’ during pregnancy and birth! 

When things don’t go according to plan, those mental health concerns only rise in prevalence. Couples who embark on IVF, in particular, often find that the journey of starting or expanding their family goes from a dream to a nightmare, and mental health can significantly suffer as a result. But, with many experts suggesting that high stress levels can impact fertility, as well as passing to a baby during pregnancy, you should address this issue sooner rather than later with the following coping strategies. 

Find healthier focuses for your mind

After each IVF session, you may find that you can’t think about anything else, and that’s the first red flag where mental health is concerned. Our first suggestion is, therefore, to find healthier things to focus on. Meditation and gentle yoga are fantastic for this, as are various other types of exercise. While women undergoing treatment will want to take it easy, gentle options like walking and light jogging should always remain within reach. 

Seek support from people who know what you’re experiencing

Couples should take a great deal of support from each other during IVF but, for women especially, this may not be enough. While your partner is still understandably worried, they can’t fully grasp the physical impact treatment can have. Hence why you may also find it useful to reach out to other IVF recipients. There are plenty of forums online to make this possible and, once you start airing your concerns to people in the know, you may find that your anxiety at least starts to ease a little. 

Don’t stretch yourself with a stacked schedule

IVF can entail a fair few appointments, each of which takes around twenty minutes. If you’re trying to squeeze these between work, your stress levels will start soaring before implantation even occurs. Pair this with the worry you can expect down the line, and it’s hardly surprising your mental health is at risk. Do yourself a favour by booking time off work where you can. You may even find it useful to talk to your boss about flexible working so you can fit appointments into your days with ease. And, of course, you should seek a nearby clinic so that appointments are as quick and stress-free as they possibly can be. 

A journey like IVF is never going to be easy, but, as you can see, it doesn’t need to take a significant toll on your mental health if you remain aware of the risks. Simply practice kindness as much as you can through the journey, and fingers crossed that you receive the outcome you’re hoping for.

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