( Image Source ) Communication has long played a vital role in human society. Without this simple but effective tool, it would be impo...

Talk The Talk: Helping Your Child Communicate As Well As They Can

By April 06, 2020

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Communication has long played a vital role in human society. Without this simple but effective tool, it would be impossible for people to organise in groups of thousands, and even harder for a connected world to keep moving forwards. Of course, though, the challenge of speech and communication is often a much more personal one than something widespread. A lot of children find it hard to speak and get themselves understood, but this is something parents are able to change, and this post is going to show you how to do it for your own child.

The Source

Finding the source of your child’s challenges will be one of the most important parts of this process. If they simply haven’t learned enough words, for example, you can begin by teaching them words which they haven’t seen before. In other cases, challenges with communication can be much deeper, with conditions like autism often presenting communication issues in children. It’s crucial that you understand the source of your child’s communication struggles, even if this means taking them to talk to professionals.

New Ways To Communicate

People often only think of speech when they are considering human communication, though there is a whole lot more which goes into this than simply making noises. Facial expressions, hand signals, and even writing can all be used to communicate, and this makes it worth teaching your child about things like Augmentative or Alternative Communication. While this won’t improve their speech, it will give them a much better understanding of communication in general, ultimately making them better at communicating with their peers.

Challenge Them

Many parents ignore the fact that they have the chance to improve their child’s communication skills as they grow up. It is far too easy to change the way you speak to make things easy for your child, never giving them a challenge and making it feel like communication is always easy. In reality, though, challenging your child can be one of the best ways to overcome issues like this. You can ask them normal questions in weird ways, use words which they won’t understand but will be able to break apart, and give them plenty to read which is above their level. These challenges shouldn’t be impossible, but they also shouldn’t be really easy.

Be Honest

While it might be cute when your child struggles to get their point across, it won’t help them very much if you ignore this sort of issue and simply live with it. It’s worth being honest with your child, telling them when you think they have things to improve, and correcting them when they make big communication errors. This can also be helpful if they have issues with other children, with the whole process making them into better communicators.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of helping your child to communicate as best they can as they grow up. Many parents struggle with this, only to find that the steps they need to take are easier than they thought.

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