F rom a developmental point of view, why do men grow beards? Is it pride? Dominance? Or laziness? Or any other reason. Many research types h...

The Real Reason Men Grow Beards [Guest Post]

By March 10, 2021

From a developmental point of view, why do men grow beards? Is it pride? Dominance? Or laziness? Or any other reason. Many research types have shown that beards likely evolved to help men boost their standing among other men. You might think that all the facial hair you see on the street is to attract females. However, several studies have shown that men and women find that men with beards appear older, healthier, and more aggressive than non-bearded men. 

Some studies find that women prefer stubble, while others show that women like men with full beards. In comparison, some others show that women find clean-shaven men the most attractive. Though, the reason could be anything behind do women like beards?

However, bearded men are regarded as masculine, resourceful, and determined. Each bearded man is different, and everyone has their own unique set of circumstances that initiated them into the lifestyle. The reasoning behind the new manes is generally much more straightforward or more evident than you would assume. Keeping that in mind, we have discussed below some of the real reasons’ men grow out of their beards. 

The followings are some of the real reasons why do men grow out their beards:

  • Beards look cool-

This is probably the common reason behind growing out a beard. On some men’s beards look simply fabulous. Whether you go for a lighter look, a more groomed look, or just letting your beard run wild, you will make a more distinct impression among family, friends, and strangers. Growing out a beard will give you a presence that cannot be depicted in any other way. Without doing anything besides allowing your body to act naturally, you will look more masculine. If you are looking for a transformation and want to make a statement, then growing a beard is the easiest option.

Photo by Вальдемар from Pexels

  • You want to grow a facial hair because someone else suggests it-

For many of the guys, wanting to grow a beard is not enough to get them to set the razor. Sometimes it helps if someone else suggests providing the boost of confidence and assistance required to wander into the grooming area. The one who is very close to you means it; then many bearded men will take this as a hint to think bearded thoughts and start the journey towards hair glory. Though sometimes, what it takes is a little encouragement to change your life for the better, and while before you know it, you will appreciate friends to do the same. 

  • Beards help you to stay warm-

Many years ago, men used to grow a beard not out of choice but out of necessity. In the early days, people weren’t shaving too frequently. Since then, men in colder climates depend on their beards to help them stay warm and protect their face with harsh winter winds. Snow, ice, current, and dryness can take it all on a guy’s face, and at that time, bearded men were more worried about survival than comfort. At that time, today, most of the bearded men rely upon their beards to protect themselves from the harsh winter. 

  • Express laziness-

The above might surprise you, but this is the most common reason men grow out their beards because of pure laziness. Shaving is not fun; it is time-consuming, painful, and nerve-shaking. And the best way to avoid these things is to keep up the facial hair. However, it might provide you to trim up parts of your beard at a certain point, but for the most pull-out part, you can just let it grow in whatever pattern it is developing. 

Photo by Bruno Salvadori from Pexels

  • Hiding up what’s beneath your beard-

Besides complementing your other features and providing you with an aspect of masculinity, facial hairs are a great way to redesign your facial features and select what parts of your face are and aren’t visible. For younger guys, beards are a helpful way to cover up the bad skin or acne, essentially acting as a covering to your face’s floor. Similarly, if you are a heavier set guy with a less defined jawline or chin, beards can act as a great way to heighten whatever features you favor the most. However, it is essential to embrace your personality and carry confidence in yourself. But you will need to remember that just because you were not born with a beard doesn’t mean you cannot include it in your identity. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, embrace it to the fullest. 


There are many reasons men grow a beard, but some men can also grow out a beard simply because they like it. Growing out a beard can provide many benefits, out of which some of them are discussed above. 

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