W ith so many vinyl flooring brands doing the rounds and new ones springing up from time to time with limited lifespan, which one is the bes...

What is the Best Vinyl Flooring Brand for my Home

By April 16, 2021

With so many vinyl flooring brands doing the rounds and new ones springing up from time to time with limited lifespan, which one is the best for any upcoming design changes to your home that isn’t just a flash in the pan product?

Whilst many options present themselves as the number one in the vinyl flooring market, only one stands ahead as the most popular choice. That option is Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

From wood effect, stone, ceramic and especially abstract designs in supply and demand when it comes to flooring, Luvanto is the brand with the larger quantities of suitable options to fit any room of your home.

Secure Fitting

Every type of floor falls victim to something within days of it being fitted.

The most common problems stem from liquids spilt or food dropped and mashed into the floor. All kinds of household carpets are left with a lasting stain and discoloration from too many scrub attempts to remove these instances. Then people are left seriously out of pocket on differing ranges of specialty cleaning chemicals to try and get the floor back to its original look.

With Luvanto planks or tiles there are a lot of considerations taken into effect to prevent these instances ruining your floor. 

Should those liquids or foods find themselves on your flooring, simple household products can restore the floor with minimal cleaning. Usually just a simple household mop and water mixed with vinegar leaves your floor looking as it should, with no money spent on specialist cleaning products to remove the stain. Some sauces that have distinct food colourings such as tomato sauces or curries could use a more thorough clean to avoid slight discoloration, but if cleaned up straight after making contact with the floor it should clean up simply.

More Range Over Competitors

With more years being the market leading popular brand it's no surprise that more options exist within Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

From wood to stone to porcelain designs, Luvanto provides much more colours and palettes to choose from. Whilst popular replicated looks such as dark woods give ambience to a room, people also gravitate towards more stone abstract options or a unique combination of both to connect or separate spaces within the home. Bathrooms and kitchens are targets for stone look vinyl whilst living rooms, conservatories and hobby rooms aim towards the wooden style.

When you want the best selections, Luvanto and it’s ranges like Luvanto Endure Pro and Luvanto Design certainly can provide more options.

Supply on Demand

With LVT being the big thing for home design there is a huge influx of qualified suppliers to help give your home the right feel.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring offers a market leading product through its core ranges and brings professional looks and feels to any room you wish to design specific to a look. When interior designers or market research conducts a poll on the best flooring in today’s marketplace, Luvanto is a regular visitor to the top five options and tops the vinyl flooring brands in the popular polls.

Considering the amount of differing brands in the vinyl market, it speaks volumes that Luvanto has managed to maintain its position for so long, which surely makes it the top consideration for your floor at home.

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