The dating scene can be a daunting place, and when you just can’t be sure how things will turn out, you can be incredibly hesitant in even...

Improving Your Confidence For The Dating Scene

By May 05, 2021

 The dating scene can be a daunting place, and when you just can’t be sure how things will turn out, you can be incredibly hesitant in even just starting a conversation with someone else! Who knows what might go wrong? Who knows if your date will even like you, once they meet you in person? 

Thinking thoughts like these ahead of time will only help the night become a self fulfilling prophecy! Because you need to have a bit of confidence here, for your own good. And with the points below, we’re sure we can help you to build the self esteem you need to rely on for the dating scene. 

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Don’t Obsess Over Someone Else’s Opinion

Dating is a two way street. Yes, someone needs to like you back in order to arrange a date, or something more than that, but you shouldn’t obsess over this portion of the process alone. You should be thinking more of yourself when you’re trying to date with confidence; ask what you want, and who you like, instead of the other way around. 

When you do this, you put yourself in charge (more on that later!), and dating becomes a safer, more secure place to be. So, what do you want out of a potential partner? Maybe even make a list to remind yourself, and then go out there and find out - don’t just wait for it to come to you. 

Put Yourself in Control

When you put yourself in control, you take power over the uncertain situation dating puts you in. You really grab the bull by the horns here and decide where it’s going to go, and when you fake the confidence for long enough, you’ll soon start to feel it for real! 

So, in other words, be the person who reaches out to talk to someone you’re attracted to. Get into the online dating scene and take some photos you’re proud of, and write a profile that’s fun and confident, rather than short and sweet, like you don’t want to be seen. You could push the boat out with a site like, to practice your best lines with, and ultimately, you make the choices you really want to. 

Take a Chance

Finally, dating is made up of a lot of chances, and that means you’re going to have to take some chances here and there. Maybe that person you’ve been chatting to isn’t your usual type, but you really like what they have to say? Maybe that dating app will have something to offer, and you shouldn’t write it off yet? It’s a very confident move, to put yourself out there like this, and going through the motions and taking those chances will really help. 

You need to have confidence in the dating scene, and that doesn’t come around easy. But if you fake it ahead of time, and do everything you can to put yourself in the right position, you’ll build it! 

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