Father's day is coming up fast and I'm always struggling to find what to buy for my kids dad's, aside from the norm of aftershav...

Father's day Gift Guide 2021

By June 05, 2021

Father's day is coming up fast and I'm always struggling to find what to buy for my kids dad's, aside from the norm of aftershave, new socks or a tie i always find myself wanting to get something better or different, so I've put together a guide for you for some of the best gifts this year for dad's.

1. Trendhim Backpack.

Who doesn't love a backpack right? From gym lovers to business traveling dad's this Lazy Bear backpack is so spacious, with a padded laptop/tablet pocket inside, colourful lining and artificial leather deatils who could go wrong?!

Trendhim have a range of brilliant and tasteful bags that suit your dad's style for a day trip or a business trip there's a bag to suit every need and they are such good quality too! Definitely a must have for dad this year! 

2. Personalised chocolates from Chocface.

Chocface is a great personalised chocolate gift you can give to your loved one, you get 6 chocolates that actually have your chosen photos printed (with edible ink) on to them, it comes in a dvd sized box with a chosen box name printed on the chocolates cover.

They look and taste totally amazing and are so easy to order, first you name your box and then select your 6 photos to upload to the chocolates, you can resize and zoom on the photos so you get the best bits and then all you have to do is enter your shipping information and payment details to finish! 

This is definitely a great gift for father's day this year especially if he's got a sweet tooth! 

3. Wireless headphones from Skullcandy

I recently got a pair of headphones from Skullcandy the Hesh ANC wireless ones and I have to say they blew me away.

They have noise cancelling, a microphone and are so so comfy, they come with a little carry bag, charger and Aux cable just incase you run out of charge, they're the perfect gift for dad's who love music and are constantly on the go!

4. Lego Star Wars!

The star wars movies are iconic and so are those tiny little bricks so what better way to celebrate fathers day than with this Lego Darth Vader model to build!

Photo Credit Eddie Wright

Lego has some great sets and produce so many happy memories and for some of us even a die hard hobby! Spend time with your dad and help him build some new memories.

5. Little extra bits. 

Now would it really be fathers day without the cute yet funny card. Or the screwdriver pen? Last minute extras can always add to your special gift and can be found at Card Factory, there's even a new app to download to help you find the perfect way to celebrate life's moments! 

But finally a homemade gift or a homemade card from the heart is always so touching, get creative and make dad the centre of attention if you can't afford anything big or anything at all as long as you show dad you love him that's all that matters.

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels. 

*Disclaimer* this is a collaborative post

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