Lots of people move abroad for whatever reason but usually they will always look to return back to the UK at some point and this is fine but...

Planning Your Return Back To The UK

By July 22, 2021

Lots of people move abroad for whatever reason but usually they will always look to return back to the UK at some point and this is fine but if you do not do your research and planning beforehand then it can be a long process and can end up throwing some unwanted surprises at you, so making sure you are clued up and ready for your return is important.

If you are planning to return back to the UK after a long period away and you are unsure what you need to do before returning then these few tips will give you an idea of what to plan for and get your started on your move back to the UK.

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Make sure you want to return

It can be easy to run into some snags and not feel comfortable when moving away from your home country but it does not mean you have to move straight back, one of the first things you should do is sit down and think about whether moving back is really the right move for you and actually what you really want.

Update yourself on what is happening in the UK

You need to make sure you understand anything that has changed in the UK since you were last there, it is important to be up to date so you know exactly what you are going back to when returning to the UK. If you have particular views on things then this could impact you wanting to go back so it is always best to check prior to returning so you have no new nasty surprises when you get back.

Think about your personal circumstances

Since you left the UK your circumstances could have changed, you could have married and had children etc. So make sure that you have everything in place for your whole family you may need to look at getting visas if necessary for your family and look at spouse visa cost and you may need to look into how you can get any pets you have into the UK as well as the last thing you want is to get rid of any pets. You also need to make sure that your family is happy to move back and everything is timed right for them, with schools and new jobs make sure you give yourselves enough time to settle in before starting your new lives.

Manage your finances

Make sure before you go you set up a UK bank account and have enough money put away to live on before you can start work. You also need to tie up any loose ends before you leave such as being paid your final salary and also selling anything you will not be taking over to the UK with you, on the other side of it, also make sure you have bought a house or have somewhere to rent before you get to the UK so you are not facing any issues once you arrive.

If you are returning to the UK after moving away or leaving for a prolonged period of time and you are unsure what sort of things you need to plan for and think about them hopefully, these few tips will give you some idea of where to start with your planning to reduce anything going wrong for you.


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