Substance use is a lifestyle factor that can hit your mental health hard . It isn’t something that damages your physical health but it will ...

Getting On The Road To Recovery For Substance Use

By April 17, 2023

Substance use is a lifestyle factor that can hit your mental health hard. It isn’t something that damages your physical health but it will also hinder your mental health.

If you have or are struggling with substance use, here is how to get on the road to recovery.

Seek the right medical care

More often than not, medical care is advised if you wish to get better and stop using substances. Some of the top medications and medical treatments can curb addiction and help someone avoid relapse. 

For instance, getting a naltrexone implant can help you reduce addictive behaviors and reduce cravings, helping your recovery journey to be much easier. 

Keep reminding yourself why you want to make the change

If you want to overcome drug addiction, you might need to keep reminding yourself why you want to change. If you have a valid reason, it will push you to keep going and not look back. 

For instance, you might be starting a new family and want to ensure this doesn’t impact the relationship with your partner or child. Hence, stopping substance use for the good of your health and the future of your family will spur you on to keep going. 

Consider your past attempts and the relapse triggers

If you have attempted to stop substance abuse already and have failed, you might want to consider reflecting on those failed attempts. Although they failed, they are somewhat successful as they gave you a break from the substance(s) and helped push you to try quitting again. 

When you reflect on what happened in the past, you might want to consider why you failed. You might notice you are surrounded by the wrong people or that you are not active enough and, therefore, get bored and relapse. 

Considering these triggers will ensure that they do not interfere with your recovery journey again so this time, you can have a successful one. 

Get an accurate diagnosis

People who are dealing with substance abuse issues are often experiencing other mental health issues too, such as depression or anxiety. Many find themselves self-medicating with substances, especially if they don't really understand what they're experiencing. That's why it's important to see a mental health professional and get an accurate diagnosis of any comorbid conditions that could tie into your substance abuse problem.

Once you have been diagnosed, there could be a range of helpful treatment options available. If you prefer more natural approaches to treatment, this website can help you find the right treatment. You might benefit from several different ways to treat mental health issues. In addition to medication, therapy is helpful for many people. There are also many activities that can help you to improve your mental health, from exercise to journaling.

Seek the right support

When dealing with substance use and wanting to recover, you need to surround yourself with the right people. People that use substances themselves will be best to avoid. Although they might be your friends, it won’t help your determination and progress. 

Hence, surround yourself with people that love you and want you to get healthy again. This could be a close colleague or a family member. Anyone who wants what is best for you will ensure to help you continue to get better. 

Tell people

When you decide to quit, you should tell people. Letting people know will make them aware of their behavior and what they say to you. They can ensue to support you and take care of you, whether things can hard or not. 

When you tell people, they will do their best to do whatever will help you so that you can quit forever and attain better health. You do not need to tell everyone but having a few people to help you will ensure you stay on the right track. 

*Disclosure* This is a collaborative post.

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