Friday, 20 May 2016

41 weeks!


I'm serious, I just wanna cry!
I'm a whole week over today!
Had a sweep yesterday and the consultant said I was already 3 cm but could of been like it for days/weeks, anyway I had alot if bloody show/plug loss 😷
Had seriously bad cramping which turned into contractions last night and I was up late with them every 6-7 mins apart, I really thought this is it!
Then BAM! Massive wave of exhaustion comes over me and I fell asleep!! And woke up with NOTHING!

So today I've been hoping for something but had sod all! I've been shopping and stuff too :(
I just feel totally exhausted today!

The consultant has booked me in for induction on monday night about 8pm! So I'm hoping he comes this weekend so I can water birth but if not he should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday! YAY! its officially baby week! I'm so excited ♡

Soo I will update when he's here!


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