Sunday, 5 June 2016

2 weeks PP update!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks! Where did that go?

He's changed so much in such a small space of time!
We've been babywearing alot as the buggy broke and we had to order the new one!
But it's finally here and we love it 😍

Feeding is going really well he's still not back to his birth weight and is having top ups of 2oz formula every 4/5 hours in the day and full boobie milk at night!
As soon as he's up to his birth weight we can cut it down to 1 or 2 bottles a day!

We finally got Olli registered, so he's all official now!
Got his birth certificates all ready now to get photos done and apply for his first passport ready for our holiday in October/November to Disneyland Paris!!

His sleeping pattern is lovely he sleeps alot from about 10:30- most of the time in his bouncer or buggy so I can clean and he also sleeps really well at night (from 11ish) he only wakes up once for a big feed at about 4am then sleeps again til about 6:30-7ish!

He's having trouble pooping it took him a week to go last time and now it's been 5 days again! We've tried all the suggestions like tummy massage, water, pushing legs up and warm baths ect... but nothing is helping! He's screaming in alot of pain and really trying to go :(

I have been feeling alot better, I had lots of energy a couple of days after he was born then I kinda crashed abit, but I've been getting good sleep and eating properly too so I'm feeling alot better, so apart from still bleeding and feeling gross down there I'm all good!

Me and Lilli have been able to have some quality time together it may only just be her helping me tidy or me giving her a bath or a bedtime story but we're getting some and we love it! She's such an amazing big sister to Olli and loves to help while I change his bum and loves to give him cuddles and stroke his head! It's adorable :) she is so proud of him and loves to show him off and tell everyone he's her baby brother!

Our favourite item this week has been out new buggy!
Cossatto Yo2 Tattoodle £169.99 from Just 4 Baby :)

See you next week!

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