Friday, 2 June 2017

What's in my bag?!

For a toddler and a pre bags pretty basic...
I choose to use a rucksack rather than a changing bag as I find it more comfy, and my rucksack is a toy story vans one so it's super cool!
But anyway here's what we take out on a normal day...
*Wipes for every occasion!
*Spare onesie for olli
*Spare pants and trousers for lilli
*Pad and a pen (just in case we get stuck and lilli is bored)
*Teether toy for olli

*Tablet (mostly I use this for my list like money budgeting and shopping but it's always handy to have for a train or long bus journey for lilli to watch toy story or netflix downloads)
*Drink (usually just flavoured water for whoever gets thirsty)
*Snacks (anything from rasins to Crisps or little chocolates)
*Painkillers for me (just incase)
*1 emergency tampon
*Nail scissors  (I always loose mine if I out them anywhere else)
*Glasses case with cleany cloth
*Rennies (ever since having kids I get heartburn alot!)
*Spare hairbands
*Deoderant Spray
And that's about it! I have such basic bag contents but it always seems to end up with paper and crap chucked in it like spare batteries and hair grips 
So tell me what's in your bag?
Let me know in the comments below
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