Summer is slowly creeping up on us and if your anything like me you have no plans for that terrifying 6 weeks of trashed house craziness! ...

What to do in great yarmouth...

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Summer is slowly creeping up on us and if your anything like me you have no plans for that terrifying 6 weeks of trashed house craziness!
So here's what to do in great yarmouth for locals and for holiday makers....

1) First off is the beach! Great yarmouth beach is alright but it's nothing compared to the golden sands of Gorleston (just over the bridge), it's free of course so that's always a bonus,  there's some bouncy castles (if you want to pay), the yacht pond if you want to take a mini speed boat (or a paper one), a little pool just for the kids (it's quite open but still small enough for you to keep your eyes on them) it's a bit of a suntrap in the summer so don't forget your sun cream :) and of course there's the sand!
The beach is a huge stretch with a lovely clifftop above, there's a few cafes really close and a bandstand where music plays, close to the shops there is a lovely restaurant called Porter House wich serves the best food and drinks for that chill after a long day :)

2) Great Yarmouth Seafront, now the seafront is lovely it's a nice walk wether you want to spend money or not, with the cinema at one end and the pleasure beach at the other, and all the amusements and hotels in between its a brilliant day out and is so full if life in the summer! So take that money box full of 1 and 2p's and get lucky!

3) The Sea life Centre... now I used to work here doing photo sales and I loved it, it's just one place that never gets boring, but I would advise in the summer to get there as soon as it opens or before as the queue gets VERY long uts an all day thing so you can come and go when you pkease as long as yoh bave a stamp, There's brilliant activities for the kids and also a restaurant and play area so you can chill! It's the perfect day :)

4) Joyland...Joyland is perfect for toddlers and smaller children, you pay for rides in tokens that you can buy from the kiosk and the rides are usually about 2 tokens a person, also there is a photo on the snails ride and the ghost roller coaster that are around £7 each but are brilliant quality and a lovely keepsake :) Joyland isn't a very big park as it's for younger children but it is right next to Great Yarmouth beach and the pier for a lovely walk.

5) Marina Center .... The marina center is a leisure center so very good for when it rains there is swimming  (also family fun sessions), a gym, a cafe and a very large children's play area :) just bare in mind it does get very busy so get there early to avoid long queues or disappointment.

6) pirates crazy golf.... another located on the golden mile strip of yarmouth seafront, it's a lovely activity as long as you take your time and don't rush it ... its simple and the kids love it :)

7) Regent Road... located between the town centre and to the seafront is a lovely long strip of shops, cafés and pubs! It includes Docwras Rock shop where you can see the rock being made and other sweets too, Martyns walk around store that is filled with little trinkets and souvenirs, and the Troll Cart (wetherspoons) for a lovely pub lunch or a drink on the weekends.

8) Summer Fireworks...The fireworks run every Wednesday night in the summer with live music on stage, they set off at about 10pm but it's worth the wait for a spectacular view :)

9) Hippodrome Circus.... The grand summer water spectacular show runs between the 12th of July - 17th September with two shows nearly every day, it's pricey but it's most definitely worth it for all the laughs and fun!

10) The Pleasure Beach .... located right next to the beach is the Pleasure Beach theme park, with up to 30 rides including a 108 foot tall ferris wheel, a log flume and the Scenic Railway wich Is the parks largest and oldest ride built in 1932 , there is restaurants and stalls to win teddy's. The park is free to enter but there is an option  to purchase tokens or wristbands for the rides, plus if you book wristbands online you save upto 20%.

So there is a lot to do in great yarmouth and I haven't even mentioned half of the free events on though out the summer, I'll keep you posted as the details come up!

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