It's hard to stay connected after having a baby, your sore and tired and your partner is the last person on your mind with all the madn...

5 tips for keeping your relationship alive after having a baby.

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It's hard to stay connected after having a baby, your sore and tired and your partner is the last person on your mind with all the madness surrounding you, but staying connected is important, less arguments less stress and more love!
So here's my top 5 tips of staying connected....

1) Make conversation...
It may seem like the silliest thing but making conversation about anything, how your day has been, what you had for lunch, how the baby Is, or even what the cat did today.
Conversations matter, just talking can brighten your mood or help you relax after a stressful day.

2) Go out for a meal together.....
I know that for some parents who breastfeed or others who just aren't ready to leave their baby this may not be the best idea, but spending one on one time with your loved one is important, it makes them feel important too, all your time and energy is focused on a little baby so it's nice to let them know that their on your mind too.
3) Getting sexual....

Now this may not be on everyone's mind after having a baby but sexual interaction is important to partners, it's their way of knowing that you still interested or in love, it may sound silly but you don't have to do the deed to be sexual, oral sex is always a good one, especially if your still sore or even dreading the thought of something going up there ever again! Long romantic kisses, dirty texts/pictures, or even just some cheeky flirting can always help spruce up your relationship.
I know, I know, when will you have the time?! ... well the answer is, make time! It's important so even just that extra 5 mins before you pass out will count!

4) Suprise them with a gift...
Gifts are amazing, they make everyone happy so just getting a little something to say 'thanks for the support' or 'I love you so damn much' will hopefully keep you more connected, even a silly book of silly 'I.O.U's' would be appreciated, for example 'I.O.U. a freshly cooked meal when I can get up and walk properly' or 'I.O.U. a day without changing any nappies' get the jist?!

5) split the household chores and don't keep score....
So, half the chores with your partner, keep a list of who is doing what and when so your on top of it all (it's easy for it to get on top of you for those first few weeks!), and don't keep score! If your partner hasn't done something don't get naggy at them, they probably just forgot because theyr're just as tired as you are! Praise them for the good things they do or get done and most of the time they will be willing to do more because of that!

So there is my top 5 ways to stay more connected after a new arrival, let me know in the comments if you have any other ways?!

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