Monday, 25 September 2017

Lego Club And Chatterbooks Club

I'm so excited to announce that Me and my friend Katie who volunteer at Gorleston Library are setting up 2 NEW groups for children and families in the local area, One is a Lego Club and the other is Chatterbooks - book club for children of all ages. The groups have had ALOT of planning and are going to be running in October fortnightly on a Friday :)

Lego Club:

We have lots of Lego at the library just sitting on the shelf so we decided to run a group as there is so much demand for it and who doesn't love Lego right? Were planning on some structured team building games, Lego colouring, Lego themed books, activities and also free building, This is not to be missed and we are very excited to run it as I'm a massive Lego fan myself too!
Lego club will run fortnightly from 20th October 3:45-4:45pmk

Chatterbooks - Book Club:
Chatterbooks gorleston
Poster pending

Chatterbooks is a book club for children and their families to come along to and share stories, we have a lot of book clubs for adults so we thought we would run this for the children.
At the group we will play games, have stories and do craft or colouring activities, the group will run alongside the Lego Club so EVERY Friday there's something on for the kids to enjoy after a long week at school :) We will have a different theme every session and will be asking the children what they thought of the books they had taken home from the previous session, After 10 sessions the children will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements :)
Chatterbooks will run fortnightly from 13th October 3:45-4:45pm

Christmas Party!!
At Christmas we will be having a Christmas party with lots of games and treats to celebrate the Lego club and Chatterbooks groups :) More information will be up after the groups have started :)

I hope you are as excited as I am for these NEW groups in the Gorleston area :) And I really hope your children will love these too!

Much Love

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