Monday, 13 November 2017

Captains orders

So recently at our Chatterbooks club our theme for the week was Pirates, We had lots of colouring and crafts and a story too but the favourite of all was the game, Captains Orders.

Captains Orders is a game for a group of 5+ Players ... its a little like Simon says, one person/group leader gets to be the Captain, the captain then shouts out orders to the crew (the rest of the players) like ' captain says, scrub the deck' , 'captain says, row the boat' ect.. the players have to act out the order but only if the captain says 'captains orders' at the start.

Orders can be:
  • Scrub the deck (pretend to scrub the floor)
  • row the boat (grab a partner/single and row the boat)
  • Climb the rigging (pretend to climb the rope)
  • hoist the sails (pull the rpe to lift up the sails)
  • scan the sea (look through a telescope)
  • walk the plank (walk plank and fall)
  • crocodile run (run and snap arms act like a crocodile)
The game is such a big hit and can also have a competitive element, so if anyone gets it wrong they're out for 3 turns ect...The game is brilliant for getting kids moving and you can always add any  'orders' you think of, the faster you shout out the orders the sillier and funnier the actions become so its a fun game for any age!
you can also take it turns for a smaller group for the 'last one standing' to be the captain too!

I hope you find this game just as much fun as we have and let me know in the comments if you've played this too!

Much Love
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