Welcome to my new mini series of guest posts for bloggers around Norfolk, the series will be about the great places to visit or events arou...

Dinosaur Adventure Park, Norwich

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Welcome to my new mini series of guest posts for bloggers around Norfolk, the series will be about the great places to visit or events around the local area :)

I hope you enjoy and here is Mummy Est's post of the Dinosaur Adventure, near Norwich, Norfolk.

If you have a ‘dinosaur mad’ child (or in my case, husband) then this summer you MUST visit Dinosaur Adventures. Located close to Lenwade (in between Fakenham and Norwich) this outdoor park has everything you could ask for on a family day out.

There’s a splash zone for water play, a large playground for climbing, jumping and sliding, a sand pit to dig for fossils. Then there’s the dinosaur ‘hunt’ in the woodlands, with the amazing models, sound effects that make you feel you are really in the Jurassic and the fun ‘huts’ to explore along the way. There’s also a small farm, deer spotting, ‘Raptor Racing’ and sooooo much more. If the day turns wetter (or you crave some shade) there’s an indoor soft play area with a lovely café. Every corner of this place is filled with something to explore.

I particularly like the fact it is very hands on. J could collect stamps that we just the right height for him to do himself. He could touch and pretended to feed the dinosaur. He could listen to the radio and pretended to talk to the operator on the other end (the conversation consisted of “hello…bye” but it was a conversation none the less). He liked throwing feed at the fish and watching them splash around.
It’s pretty easy to get around (although it is a large place). It’s wasn’t too difficult to push the buggies/wheelchairs and you can even rent buggies if needed. J didn’t want to be in his buggy much but I’m glad we took it as there were times he was fed up of walking, or I just needed him to stay in one spot for a few minutes. It also meant I could dump everything on it rather than walking.

There are plenty of lovely places to sit and have a picnic, or there are snack shacks and two cafes on site. You can really make the day as cheap or costly as you want. We took our own snacks and just brought lunch. J was too excited to really sit and eat so we shared a meal (which made it even cheaper). I spent quite a bit on drinks though as it was hotter than I anticipated, so next visit I will probably bring my own bottles of water. Oh, and be warned there is a gift shop with some AMAZING dino-bits. I could have spent a fortune!

In terms of cost to get in, I don’t think it’s too ridiculous consider how much there is to do. You can get tickets even cheaper if you book online. You can also ‘prebook’ your photo packs to make them cheaper too. Over the summer holidays there are various events (they have different ones throughout the year) so it’s worth checking out their website.

The only downside for me was that some of the additional attractions that me and the family wanted to explore were closed on the day (no warning on the website). So, we missed out on things like the deer spotting which I was a bit gutted about. Also, there were a lot of broken lockers which on a busy day I can imagine being a bit of a pain in the backside for families wanting to keep valuables safe when at the splash zone. However, in the grand scheme these are minor issues and didn’t detract from the fun of the day. Infact, if you’re planning to go in the summer holidays you may see us there as we are wanting to revisit again.

Have a roar-some time (sorry couldn’t resist),
Mummy Est 2014 x

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